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I have matching socks ...

...with two students. But this particular day, we were wearing them on the same day! :)

7 quick takes Friday

So a friend of mine does every once in a while - it's called 7 Quick Takes Friday and it's just a blurb about life that week. W/out further ado, here we go:
#1 Saturday was a busy day ... Felix and I had a pre-marital counseling session in the morning - after a waffle breakfast! Then we went to the park and to an Easter market. I picked out some Easter eggs, so next year we can have our own pussy willow branches with Easter eggs. It was so fun picking them out. Look for pictures next year! ;)
#2 Sunday was church and I translated for New City Wien church. After the church service, we had another pre-marital counseling meeting. It was a good and enlightening session about what kinds of disagreements or difficulties we think we will face in our marriage. It's good to know that even if we disagree, we can find a solution and still love each other.
#3 The school week started off well. I enjoyed having a volunteer come in and help with some of my classes. This allowed…

...and to think i get to live in such a beautiful place...

these are pictures taken at a concert that Felix and I went to

...I've been ...

Buying: a sweater for € 4.50 (that's about $6.12)! Considering: the guest list for the wedding
Cooking:Hawaiian pizza
Eating: two free ice cream scoops - peppermint and nutella (yum, great combo!)
Googleing : the weather for the weekend and next week, I'm ready for spring!!
Learning: that planning a wedding is a lot of work
Listening:Sara Groves - Add to the Beauty
Loving:the comment from one of my 2nd graders: Miss Kidd, your shoes are cutie!
Planning: a waffle breakfast for Saturday!
Reading:Job, 1. Corinthians, Sacred Marriage
Watching: I Love Lucy
Wearing: cute necklaces

Book Character Costume Party

Every March is Book Month for the elementary at VCS. Here are some snapshots from our party. Enjoy! Spongebob, who won first place and couldn't hardly even see! :)
Korean fox, she won 2nd, I believe - she even translated her book into English w/ illustrations, very impressive! A snail, not sure what book, she also won a prize! Very cute!
Star Wars

The Cat in the Hat and Thing 2 :) The Mouse and the Motorcycle
If you give a Mouse a Cookie
Where's Waldo?
Our amazing Where the Wild Things Are cake!

Now with "candles"!!

I love kid drawings!

In 2nd grade, we were talking about wind and the effects of it. They had to draw what happens when the wind comes and I thought these three different drawings were fun! Gotta love the crazy hair at the bottom with the wild smile. I'm pretty sure I had to giggle out loud when I saw the head with the four sticks coming out! LOL


So in order to get married here in Austria, I needed a birth certificate with an apostille. I had to do some researching on how to get this and be on hold a while with the Vital Records Office, but thankfully, I found out what I needed, where to send it and then a little over a month later, I got this in the mail! YAY for one step closer to getting all the paperwork done for marriage - it gets complicated when you marry someone of a different nationality in a different country!

oh, the minds of kids! lol

one of my students likes to refer to me as this: makes me laugh! every time! lol

eeek...guess we should be a bit more careful with how long things stay in the fridge!

A Ring Tradition

On Sunday, I got introduced to a Ring Family Tradition. They call it Kerzen Wetten - Betting of Candles. They use leftover candle stubs and put them on a plate. Everyone must then choose the candle that they think will go out first. And whoever's candle dies first wins! :) I got lucky for my first candle betting ;) I forgot to take a before picture, but these are during and after shots. It was so fascinating and so fun to watch. The candles burned amazingly fast. Definitely, a tradition to keep in the family! lol ;)

The final GST - 365

Wow, hard to believe I have been doing GSTs for one year now - so much has happened and changed in this past year! God has been so faithful and good to me! I am so very, very blessed.
Here are the last five GST: * All Day Read In with the elementary kids * putting together our wedding registry - soooo much fun! * fast dinner w/ Felix * bday party with Austrians * falling into bed after a very LONG, but very good Monday!


~ hearing the church bells - I love Sundays!! ~ good church service ~ fun day with Felix and his family ~ learning a new game ~ slideshow of the Ring Family in their early years :)


-as my mom would say, sleeping in until I woke up this morning :)- -public transportation, I used it SO much today!!- -making and eating Thai chicken w/ peanut sauce for lunch- -good talk with Felix tonight after a day of assembling living room furniture- -sunshine and snow (not so happy about the last one though!)-


....bulgogi for dinner - it's been so long since I've had Korean food!!!'s Friday!
...watching a new movie
...taking Felix to try suits on for the wedding! Fun times! :)
...good classes with the Kinder.

Penny Drive in Elementary

The fifth graders headed up a penny drive for Haiti. In one week, they raised € 193.99 that is $263.24! Isn't this amazing?!


- having fun between school and the concert- having families come together for Uncle Jerry's concert - durum for dinner! - not feeling too tired today - watching the kids during book title charades


/having a primary student wave and wave and wave to me until I was almost out of sight/ /a walk with Petra to Lidl/ /phone calls with people I haven't seen in a while and getting a facebook message from an old school friend!/ /Italian potluck with VCSers/ /getting a refund in the mail for my eye doctor visit!!/
For a fun read - read this blog entry:


having a volunteer help with second grade so that we could make two classes with two different levels of English - it was AMAZING!laughs with one of the first graders throughout chapelpicking up living room furniture for the new place :Dgetting another idea for the weddingfun time reading The Mitten with one of my classes


1) the start of spiritual emphasis week (for a full report visit Tricia's blog)2) beautiful Monday 3) finally purchasing the last tickets for the summer! 4) a little bit more time to read throughout the day 5) eating cake made on Saturday :)