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Apfel Hof

Remember our fall tradition of going to the apple orchard/potato farm/pumpkin field?  Well, today was the day for this great event!!  Sorry, we don't have many pics that we actually took.  But here are a few cute ones.  Check out 2012 and 2011!  Hop over to my friend's blog and see her great pictures from last year (look how small Z was!!)!

busy, busy, busy

Needless to say, this week is not a big picture week for me/us.  Sorry about that.  Things got busy, life happened and I forgot to follow the photo challenge.  Sorry, folks!

But I'll give you a quick update about life here.  Z is really taking off with her walking.  Today I think she walked more than crawled!  She's getting really good at it!  It's fun to watch.  She's been a bit clingy this week and I've used our new baby carrier a few times this week, so I could cook/bake and not have her whining by my feet.  Not sure what's been going on there with wanting to be held so much.  She's been super snuggly, too.  It's really sweet!  She comes over and gives hugs.  Love my snuggle bug!

Hubby has been trying to figure things out for the house and get our plans turned in again, since the last one was denied and sent back with a lovely list of things to fix/change/add, etc.  Tomorrow the first part needs to be handed back in.  We'll see what they say.  Po…

weekend pics

There was an old timer "show" right in front of our apartment.  They drove by and a guy spoke briefly about each one.  Very cool.  Sadly we got in on the action a bit late....
 Yogurt face
Silly baby!
At the kite festival

20th day

in the morning I failed taking a picture this morning.  I'm not so great this week at taking pictures.  But I guess that's ok.  This morning Z and I slept until almost 9 o'clock!!!  However, we did have a rough night.  Z  was really restless from 1 something onward.  Finally, at 2 I got her and we tried to get her to sleep again.  When that didn't work, I changed her diaper and thought, well maybe she's hungry, since she didn't really eat much last night.  So I gave her some applesauce and then we all went back to bed and slept until 9!!  At 10, my Kanga Trainer came over (check out kangatraining here) and what a great workout it was.  So no pictures of our morning, but I'll post an old picture of Z and me last year in our very first Kanga class! Happy Weekend, y'all!!

16 - 17 - 18

As you may have noticed, I fell a bit behind in my pictures a day.  I got a cold at the beginning of the week so I didn't feel like taking pictures.  And I didn't really get inspired by the here are just a few things that have been going on here:

Day 17 was In front of you - so the pictures above and below were taken for the them above you see the various counter tops that we get to choose from (the one on the very left will most likely be the one we go with) below you see the double rainbow that we saw while we had a meeting with the kitchen man and then signed the deal with him! BIG step!!  Thank you, God, for sending a rainbow to remind us you will keep Your promises!

day 15

it's a bit early
but we are ready for fall! :)


Z is now 13 months!  So fun to watch her get more and more stable on her legs and try to do more!  Not much longer now and she'll be running all over the place ... gulp ... she can take all the time she wants until that happens! :)

She's been starting to make some animal sounds when we make them.  She reaches out to people, even if we don't know them super well {or at all, at church we met a new gal and she just reached out for her and wanted to be held by her and then today we were at a baby party and she reached for almost anybody to walk with her.  Shy she is not!}.  We're also seeing a stubborn side come out.  We're praying for wisdom to discipline her and teach her to obey.

We love you so much, sweet girl!  We are soooo very thankful to have you and blessed to call you our treasure from the Lord!

LiquidIt's a hot chocolate kind of day

~ Day 13 ~

~ Unexpected ~
someone took an unexpected long nap/resting time
makes for one happy mommy!

day 12 -----------

my little shadow loves laundry loves organizing loves shadowing me
i love my little shadow {even if she does decide to only nap on our way home from our morning activity and not again ... sigh ...}


what I did today worked on my blog laughed at Zoey doing her funny stunts dishes and laundry tutored a little girl for the first time!

~ day 10 ~

even if she had a rough night and she isn't feeling well today...she is still super sweet! <3

day 9

on the wall in the baby's room

day 8

The theme for the day is what I made, well I didn't get a picture of our lunch ... so I'm changing it to what we got.

A lady got on the train with this balloon.  Z was a bit restless and she gave it to her!  So funny!  Nothing like a balloon to brighten up your mood!

day 7


...perfect pic topic for today!  the bride wore white and was gorgeous!!

day 6

getting ready 

for our final wedding of the summer!

Happy Weekend everybody!!

day 5

- here forever -
There is only one thing that will be here forever and that is God and His Word.  So thankful that God is the same God he was yesterday, is today and will be tomorrow.  So grateful that He is faithful to me even when I am not.  He will always be there for me, even when no one else is.  He will always forgive me and love me, no matter what I have.  How great is our God!

...alone... tonight it's just the two of us

DaY 3

LiNeS Yesterday we got hubby a new tie that will match the suit he wore to our wedding.  He can finally wear it again!  I love the lines {stripes} on it!  I'm excited for him to wear it on Saturday for our last wedding of the summer.  It's about time, we've only had like 6!

day 2

my name begins with

time for another photo challenge

Happy September!  Fall is just around the corner - yah!!!
Ever since I've had my nice camera, I've been wanting to do another photo challenge {which was quite a while ago}.  Plus now that I have smart phone, it will make it all a bit easier as well.  So some pictures will be of better quality than others ... just a head's up for ya!  

I thought perhaps this month would be a good one to do.  We don't have any trips planned.  There aren't any scheduled overnight guests.  No school.  September is as good as any other month for us!

So here's to a month of pictures! 
Day 1 together