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-- and so we wait --

Due date: August 3rd
Actual date of birth: only God knows! :) 
I'm really hopeful the little miss #2 does not wait as long as her big sister. But we'll see. They could potentially share a birthday! Not really sure how I feel about that though. I'm hoping she debuts earlier and I can still enjoy Zoey's actual birthday
The whole not knowing when things will get started is kinda nerve-wracking. But like so many other life experiences, it's just another chance to work on trusting the Lord that everything will come together just fine! Having a child at home that will need care is definitely an added worry this time around, but we've got a list of people we can call and hopefully whoever can come gets here in the right amount of time!
It's hard to believe the birth of our 2nd child is just around the corner. So exciting and so strange at the same time. Life as we know it is going to change, especially for Zoey. I look forward to our life as four Rings! I'm …

summer days

So blogging has not been a priority on my list these days.  I've turned into a terrible blogger, for which I apologize.
But here's to a new post! :) 
Life has been HOT these past few days. With a growing baby bump, I haven't been super motivated to get out and do lots. But we have enjoyed different playdates or going to Oma and Opa's house and using their yard and getting our feet (or more) wet in the kiddie pool. Saturday was spent by the pool and enjoying the shade, while Felix worked on the house. The water was freeeezzzzing, but soon Zoey got over it and enjoyed sitting and falling into it. The quietness out there was heavenly. I was able to sit and put my feet in the cool water or just have them up for a bit. It was so wonderful! 
The house is moving along slowly these days. The progress is kinda hard to capture in pictures, so I don't really have anything exciting there to share. It is coming along though and it continues to get more and more thrilling to t…