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my week in pictures

the newest Ring family member came to visit such a little sweetie ... Z loved seeing her little cousin again!
(notice her excitement in the picture above) we went swinging ... ... with Daddy :) we had matching shoes! :) got into lots and lots of things this week talked on the phone quite a bit looked for bathroom furniture for our new house played lots bought some pretty flowers and read together (plus made a mess) 
Not pictured: ~ trying a new bread recipe and loving it ~ Z standing without help, getting better and more confident! ~ going to the zoo with friends

a fun year!

Can a year already be gone?  At times, it feels like forever ago that she was such a tiny baby and other times, it seems like last week.  It has been so fascinating watching her grow and learn new things.  I love observing her new skills and habits.  We are truly blessed with a very happy and easy going baby.  I tell hubby all the time that we are so blessed...hope baby #2 will be like that whenever we have another one.  She is our little sunshine and such a delight!

The past year may not have always been easy, but it has been so rewarding and I wouldn't change it for anything.  I love being Z's mama and spending every day with her.  Being a mom is truly the best job and so rewarding {also hard and tiring, just a side note though}.  I'm learning what it means to love sacrificially and unconditionally, but I still have so much more to learn along the way. 

Her actual birthday was on Tuesday, but we had a family party on Sunday.  Almost the extended family on my hubby's …