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already a month

I can't believe she's already a month old (plus a few days - I'm a tad bit late, oops)!  We've been enjoying her so very much! 

Here's what she's been doing: ~ she's found her voice and has started cooing {it's so sweet} ~ ~ she can slowly start to follow things or people with her eyes ~ ~ she's smiling more intentionally and has this great really open mouth smile/laugh ~ ~ she's getting better at holding her head up ~ ~ she loves looking around and taking everything in ~ ~ she enjoys a pacifier or sucking on her hand if she doesn't get one ~ ~ she is awake a few more hours in the day than at the beginning ~ ~ she loves playing with her tongue and sticking it in and out {it's soo cute!} ~ ~ she's got baby acne just like her mommy had {sad that I passed that on} ~


Look who got her first letter in the mail the other day:
We are loving our little baby girl and watching her grow.