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You don't realize... great it is to have a voice until you can't use it for several days on end!

Funny how that works. We aren't thankful for things, until we experience what life is like without it! It was weird this week not being able to speak and trying to spare my voice. Whenever I would run to the store or anywhere where people are, I was always a bit scared that they would talk to me and I wouldn't be able to answer back! Thankfully, my voice is much better!! It's been a long healing process though!

Today, I really felt like I had all my energy back. I was able to do the normal Leslie craziness of getting lots done on a Saturday :) I even road my bike downtown! :) It was a beautiful, sunny day. My face has that sun-kissed feeling...we'll see if it's pink tomorrow!

*Birthday GST*

My birthday started off with some sad news (Felix is detained in the States for another two days due to the volcanic ash cloud) and I decided that I needed to focus on the small things that encourage me throughout the that made me think of my GSTs and I thought I would do one today!

* a chocolate bunny from Switzerland and a favorite chocolate chip muffin from the bakery
* a voice that sounds stronger and feels stronger
* sunshine and no rain after days and days of it
* a dear friend to help fill my birthday, since Felix is stuck in America - she even gave me a flower
* being able to talk to Felix, my parents, my sisters and my cousin!
* receiving a book made by students, here are some exerts:

"On her day off, Miss Kidd meets Mr. Ring."
I love the winking faces that Felix and I have.

This one says, "Dear Miss Kidd, I like you because you are nice. Happy Birthday. I love you!"

The German sentence says, "On her day off, Miss Kidd sleeps comfortably in he…

oh the joy of Saturdays!!

Saturdays are wonderful, especially when I have time to go the market and pick up fresh veggies and these beautiful gerber daisies! I also got some overdue cleaning done and feel wonderful about it all!

An early birthday gift!!!

Thanks, Laura and Leanna! I love 'em!!!

~ look what is hanging in my apartment ~

if you wanna see what's inside come June 19th! :)