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In preparation for baby...

...I've made two meals and two different types of breakfast breads and frozen them {now that I've typed it out, it doesn't seem that great...}.  If only we had a bigger freezer and didn't have other stuff inside of it, like ice cream! ;)  I think I'm going to try and use some things like peas {yuck}, frozen pizza, hashbrowns ... up so that I can use that precious freezer space.

You see European size fridges are quite a bit smaller than American ones and let's not even compare the freezer part.  I'm actually lucky when it comes to fridge size.  Lots of people have one that is as tall as your counter and that's it!

Thankfully when we moved into our apartment, there was a big fridge already in the kitchen.  However, not long after we lived here, it died.  We didn't waste much time in buying a new one that had the same size.  We have exactly three skinny freezer drawers - which is better than one, which I had in my last apartment.

Another hard part is t…

Maternity pics

We were able to go to the park with our friend and take some maternity pics several weeks ago.  We had a wonderful time and the weather could not have been more perfect.  I can't believe that very soon we'll get to meet our little girl!  The due date is exactly one week away.  We'll see when she actually decides to come!!!  These past few weeks have gone by fairly quickly, now it seems to be slowing down as it comes to the actual waiting for baby part.  It's hard not to be to anxious, excited and nervous.  I'm working on trusting completely in the Lord and waiting for His perfect timing ... 

our tasty breakfast this morning

... you can find the recipe here ... ... happy weekend ...

BBQ Chicken Pizza

These days I haven't felt much like cooking.  But being pregnant and all eating is VERY important and so I've had to find ideas and inspiration on figuring out what's for dinner ... usually I head over to pinterest.  Today I thought perhaps I would make a pizza from my pizza board on pinterest.

I came across this bbq chicken pizza and thought that sounded really good.  I decided to go the extra mile and make my own crust, too.  Homemade pizza crust is just so yummy!  I took a trip to the store and got all I needed and was ready to go.  So after a nap, I tackled dinner ... well, once I got to the barbeque sauce part of the recipe, I realize that I had a problem.  My America bought sauces were ... ahem ... quite expired ... BUT thankfully the recipe I was following had a recipe on there!  Phew!  And I could get all the ingredients {here another sigh of relief}! However, I did have to make one more store run - which thankfully is NOT far away, just a hassle and not something…

not much new here

There have been some complaints about a lack of blogging... I'm not going to mention any names ... ahem, but you know who you are ... ;)  So I'll just give you a rundown about what's been going on here these days (I don't feel like I have much to report):
...buying - final things needed for baby and me
...considering - what labor, birth, our baby girl and life with her will be like! - not much, eating lots of salads - pasta salad, green salads ... oh I did make hamburger buns yesterday!  So yummy!
...eating - for two!  I'm loving grapes and banana chips these days!
...learning - to be patient and trust in the Lord for all to go well over the next few weeks
...listening - to my youtube playlists (either worship or the chill one).  I need to put together some music for d-day!
...loving - my wonderful husband!
...planning - to take this week slow, rest lots and enjoy having this quiet time
...reading - baby books of every kind
...watching - a show called &#…

better late than never :)

I've had these cute drawings from students for a while now and am just now getting around to scanning them in and posting them.  Sorry about that!  They are just too cute to not share though.  Enjoy!

For the first three, the kids read books and then picked one to draw.  I thought they did such a good job!

 Here my student drew all of us in the class ... please notice the baby belly :)  I love this one ... they had to draw a picture for a sentence.  The sentence was: Zack couldn't wait to see their cousins.  I love the way she drew couldn't wait with the anxious feet!  So cute!  This was a sweet note I got on the very last day from a student.  Have a great week!  Can't believe it's already July!!!  Not much longer ........