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...skyping with Laura and seeing Julienne - she's so cute!!

...leftovers for dinner

...beautiful skies today

...reading The Napping House to Primary and having them love it!

...hearing the wind

264, 265, 266

I missed a couple of days because I was out of the country. :)

I'm just gonna sum up the days in five GST too though ... it's too late and tomorrow's gonna have a rough start if I do more!

- safe travels to and from and around Rome
- laughing so hard on the plane ride home
- amazing lunch at an Italian cafe
- beautiful sights (pictures to follow)
- experiencing new things and sights

Thanksgiving GST

T ime off from work
H aving family in town A dorable boyfriend <3
N ever going hungry K itchen time with my mom S crubbing the floors with my dad G etting to sleep in a bit longer I talian style dinner V enturing to try a new recipe I ncredibly warm-sunny day N umerous moments of laughter during the day G reat day with my parents and Felix


doing a craft with Primaryhaving my dad speak in devotions at schoolgoing to the new Hofer (Aldi) in my neighborhood!!taking my parents to one of my favorite Christmas markets in Viennatrying a pretzel at the Christmas market (it was sweet with apples on it! yummy!)


* a great evening with my parents, two other missionary couples, and Felix at a mexican restaurant* ** a fun time with primary** *** walking around a Christmas market with my parents*** **** finding fun things at the Christmas market**** ***** ending the night with ice-cream*****


...rainboot morning... day at school... talks with co-workers...
...a chance to soak in some sun between my classes... arrival of my parents!! :)


- having a successful time cleaning Felix's apartment, you would not believe the dirt of a "new" apartment!- having four wonderful helpers, these girls were truly amazing! - a brief nap after lunch, while Felix washed my dishes - doesn't get much better than that, does it? ;) - many laughs throughout the day - feeling good about all that was done today!


1) finding something that i love that i thought for sure was lost forever
this one requires a bit more than just a blurb, so here we go: i hopped out of the car on the way back into Vienna and was in such a hurry to get out and rush to the U-bahn (i had like no warning that we were getting out where we were), and i totally forgot that my scarf was on my lap and just hopped out and starting walking quickly with the guy who was also needing to catch the ubahn. then i realized, hey, where's my scarf? my neck is cold. so i called Felix who was still in the car and he looked and couldn't find it and i realized a bit later than it must have fallen out when i jumped out of the car. so it was gone. forever. sad times. Little did I know, as i was on my way home and feeling sad about a lost favorite scarf, Felix was on his way back to where we had gotten out and was getting my scarf! What a sweetie!! :) 2) having a sweet boyfriend who helps me find lost, beloved items (earlie…


it's Friday
making chili for dinner!!
picking up Felix from the airport
another afternoon with sun!!
watching the new Office w/ the girls downstairs
Here is my project from the other day:

The beautiful city I live in at night and with Christmas lights

City Hall (Rathaus) all decked out for Christmas - wanna go hit the Christmas markets with me sometime? :)
the Hofburg - city palace of the Emperor and family
St. Peter's church (the High School Christmas concert takes place here!)
chandelier in the downtown of Vienna
more Christmas lights
this is how they put 'em up! ahhh ...
Can I just say I love Vienna and that I live here!


* being able to finish a project that I had been hoping to for a while now :) pictures to follow!
* having great helpers for this project - my older students
* going to McCafe with a friend
* being able to step in and help out
* finally coming home and having some down time after a very long day!


amazing sky and clouds this morning and then sun shining through more and more as the day went on making birthday cards for our receptionist and having her be so happy to get themmeeting up with a friend that I met in 5th grade and walking through Viennaseeing Christmas lights hung around downtown Viennagoing to the school play and getting some good laughs!


...a sewing project with friends...
...good parent conference...
...putting more final touches on a project at school...
...a good deep conversation...
...a good book...

I have a street in Lynchburg, VA :)

it only took me like a couple months to put this up ... oops ...


painting my nails and doing a face mask
having my roommate make an amazing dinner - omelette :)
getting a text and a brief phone call from Felix while he's in Italy
stumbling upon a Hofer, aka Aldi, that is much closer to my apartment!
having some of my classes help me put together a project


1) waking up to sun and church bells
2) morning and afternoon with Sharon
3) playing speed scrabble
4) helping take off the tape in the apartment - painting is almost done! :D
5) relaxing evening with phone calls to good friends

RheaAnne's Birthday bash

this held me over until dinner time
tomatoes for our dinner (so I got nervous and kinda bought too many! lol)
flowers and tablecloth for the party
dinner is almost ready
now it's ready!
coffee table decoration
drink anybody?

And so the party was ready! I kinda forgot to take pictures during the party! Oops! :)


- celebrating my roommates birthday
- everything going well with the food
- seeing progress
- good times with friends
- cinnamon rolls for breakfast

what would you draw?

Fourth Grade had to draw something around this picture
this is what they did:

soo cute! don't you love it?


seeing this on my way to the store: having time to put ideas into writing and real actual thoughts
a half day of school
getting a phone call from my mom
watching a video of Julienne bouncing on the bed and laughing soo cute!


being able to leave school early to help Felix being able to help Felix finish all the white painting that needed to be done in his new apartmentfinding things to eat that were lying around after a long day - slim pickens here ;)starting a new book about Grasping the Life (in German)email correspondence w/ my dad throughout the day


.great muffin for that make me laugh.. ...a warm car after being cold for a while... ....trying cottage cheese on bread and actually liking it.... .....Felix fixing my window.....


- fast day with the kids - teaching in the sunshine - good long talk after my classes were done - having time to run an errand after school with RheaAnne - facebook chatting with a college friend that I haven't talked to in a long time

Sad and Happy

First Grade has talked about emotions - so this is Jana's view of sad and happy :)

My twin in Primary :)


a) talking to a best friend, I miss my America friendsb) a long heart-to-heart with my parents c) painting with Felix and laughing together d) chill time w/ RheaAnne e) more humus :)


-helping Felix paint his aparment -having some great helpers for the painting day -music to keep us going while painting -really good talk with one of my Austrian friends -humus from the Naschmarkt


watching Primary act out action words
playing one of my favorite games with 5th grade
having one of the Korean girls be oh so cute today
looking at rain forest animals with 4th grade and having them enjoy it
seeing a different side of the 3rd graders while we played Uno Stack (a Jenga-Uno game)


a belated birthday dinner w/ singing German songs at my apartment for the end of it time in the afternoon to enjoy a few hours to myself an interesting and not too long staff meeting after school hearing the students have fun singing in chapel no rain today!


1) a good night's rest
2) hearing my fifth graders say that Bible is one of their favorite subjects!
3) passing out silent work in some of my classes and having a bit of down time during class, esp since my nose started running and that usually makes life a bit unpleasant
4) time with Felix
5) getting good ideas from my roommate

~ 240 ~

~ a glance out the window this a.m. which informed me that it was snowing/raining and then helped me be prepared for such weather (rainboots and an umbrella!) ~ asking for a volunteer to pray in Primary and having several hands shoot up, however, I chose one of the beginner students and he prayed such a wonderful prayer, it was so precious! I was so proud of him!!~ carrot soup for lunch ~ meeting up with Felix and a good friend of his for dinner
~ being able to help a friend

239 conversations with teachers... night with friends... knee high striped socks to keep me warm... necklace to make things cheery...


good day with Felix and people from his churchcalling a friend and having her tell me that I made her day, because she was having a rough one - I love how God orchestrates even the small things like that to work for the best!skyping with my parentsyummy banana bread for breakfasthaving some down time before a busy week!