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19. a sign

- a pretty definite sign that we will be gone for a while -
- kinda proud that I was able to clean out the fridge so well -
- gave away our last sandwich meat and cheese and the rest we used up-
- i hope to continue posting pics, we'll see how the next few days go though -

18. shoes

fitting title for today seeing as how we are packing for our big trip and i want to bring more shoes than i should ... hate making packing decisions ... but SO excited for our trip!!!


16. 9 o'clock - both a.m. and p.m. slipped by without me getting a picture of it ... so we'll just skip that one.  sorry. :)

17. green - i love our green walls in our living room and how gorgeous is this orchid?  I can't believe we actually kept it alive and were able to see it bloom again!  YAH!


...pretty soon someone will be exploring the world...

14. tasty


I love the sounds that come out of this little one! 

12. in the distance

This is our view in the distance when we go for walks.  Love it!

11. important

{on days like these}
{gchat is very important}
{hubs is sick and can't talk}
{things would be a bit quiet and one sided over here w/out it}

10. i want...

...more hours in the day... ...time flies by... ...i hate it...

9. faceless self-portrait

Baby Girl still has the sniffles and isn't doing too well.  Today was another slow day...pajama/comfy sort of day... Here's to hoping tomorrow {and the night} is better for us! 

8. Favorite

7. fEaR

I wasn't sure at first what kind of a picture to take.  Then when thinking about some of my fears, I remembered this picture I took a while back.  I think it captures my fear quite well.

I have a fear of birds, bats {I've had nightmares about being attacked by one} and sometimes even butterflies flying too close to me.  I like seeing them, as long as there is some distance, but as soon as they start flapping a tiny bit too close to me, I get a bit freaked out.

6. chair

Z is loving her new "chair"- no more laying around in the buggy for this little one. {unless of course she's napping} She loves looking around and taking it all in. I love being able to see her better this way and laugh together. Just today I got stopped at the grocery store by a woman that asked me if I knew how adoringly my baby was looking at me.  It was a strange, yet funny and sweet, experience...very un-Austrian.

5. lucky

lucky that this little guy decided to grow new buds and even open up and let us enjoy him before we head out a long trip!  i was a little bit nervous that we'd miss this beautiful event!

4. Under

...a sweet baby asleep under a soft, cozy blanket...

3. Key

Someone in our home loves putting things in her mouth.
These are a new enjoyable toy for her! 

Perfect for those gums that need a little extra something!

March Photo Challenge

Ever since I've gotten my new camera, I've been wanting to do a photo challenge.  I thought I'd give March a shot {disclaimer, it may only last until the 19th or so and take a brief break, because we're off on a long journey! so excited!!}.  Sorry, it's starting a day late as well ... could be worse, right? :)
1. L is for ... 
 2. i made this!

my week in pictures