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Day 30 ~ A Friend

It's hard to pickafriend. I have so many that I cherish and am thankful for.  This friendship has been going on since college.  We actually got to skype last weekend and it was wonderful.  I love that even though we don't always stay in touch all the time, we can pick up right where we left off. Last summer, she was in London w/ her hubby for an internship he was doing. She was able to come visit us during that time. It was so wonderful having her here!  I loved having her meet Felix and showing her Vienna. Love you so much, S!!!!!!

... day 29 ... soft ...

These has to be one of the softest and most loved things I own. I saw it one day at Bed, Bath & Beyond and I knew it had to come home with me.   I love snuggling up in it on cold days.   I miss it during the warmer months.   I love the design and colors of it.

Day 28 ~ on the shelf

who know you could buy cheerios here ... I didn't!  for almost $4!!!  yikes!

Day 27 - Bathroom

...sensitive detergents... ...for sweet baby skin... ...currently in our bathroom... ...we accidently bought a just white's sensitive one... we had to find one for color as well... we are good to go on the sensitive skin detergents...

Day 26 Where you shop

It's so wonderful having a market right outside the station by our apartment.  I love getting fresh veggies and fruits!  You do have to be careful of some too friendly vendors though.  :)

PS The baby countdown is currently at 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!  Cannot believe it ...

Day 25 Something Cute

How cute are these baby crocs we got from friends: 

day 24 - on your mind

Naturally baby has been on my mind for a while now ... 9 months or more :)  But recently, well, for the past few weeks, paint and getting the nursery finished has been on my mind.  Last week, Felix was finally able to buy the paint, well before that I had to decide what colors to go with.  Remember the fabric picked out for the curtains?  Well, I changed my mind from the original paint colors I had wanted and adapted them to match the fabric.  I can't wait to see what it looks like and to start making the room our sweet baby girl's room!  I'm so thankful we are getting one step closer to having the nursery done and even more thankful for a wonderful hubby who is taking a day off to paint!!  Isn't he wonderful?!

23 - Day - Movement

day 22 - from a high angle

this was taken last summer in Chicago from the Willis Tower (used to be Sears Tower) i'm not anywhere up high today, so this will have to do
happy weekend everybody!!!

Day 21 Where you slept

Day 21 Where you slept ... complete with nursing pillow to help sleep better with the bump, tums, a ball to help with the leg cramps during the night and pregnancy books ... nights aren't always the easiest these days ... and the crazy bird that chirps so annoyingly around 4:40 is NO help.  BUT our mosquito that has been torturing us these past few nights was not there last night!  YAH!

Day 20 Fave photo I've ever taken

Favorite photo ... tough call!  There are so many great ones of my dear family.  Then there are some that I really love of visits to various cities.  Of course, there are the beautiful flower ones that I love.  But this one stuck out when I browsed through my pictures:

Imperfect - day 19

I thought it was fitting on our anniversary to post a wedding picture. We are both imperfect people in an imperfect relationship, but we love being married and sharing life together ... I would want it no other way!! Felix is the man I want to spend the rest of my imperfect life with! Love you so much, my wonderful husband!!

18th Day

18th Day.  Something you don't know about me.  Not an easy thing to come up with.  I thought for a while and thought some more and some more.  I came up with a couple of things and even this one is a bit lame, but hey, I'm guessing most of you don't know this about me...besides possibly my sisters...not even sure my mom knows this! :)
I. Am. A. Chapstick. Snob. 
It's true.  Sadly.
I only use Chapstick Spearmint.  It's simply the best!!!  I love the minty smell and feel when you use it.  
I have to stock up in the States when I am there, since they don't sell it here.  Pretty pathetic. :)

Day 17 = in my bag

I have carried this around ever since the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant: 

In Austria, every pregnancy is documented in a little mother child "passport". They write everything down in here...all your doctor's visitor's, weight gain, blood results, vaccinations, everything!
So this is my newest item that is always in my bag!  I've been keeping the ultrasound pictures in the front, so I always have them, too.  :)

Breakfast Cups

Recently I've been wanting something other than toast or sweet things for breakfast...I need variety every once in a while.  So I went to one of my favorite websites {Pinterest, of course!} and looked around on my breakfast board to get some ideas.  These Breakfast Cups caught my eye.  I even had bacon in the fridge already...some frozen hash browns...and plenty of cheese.  Felix did have to run to the store to get some eggs though and a few more hash browns.

They were easy to make, not so easy to clean up though.  The muffin tin is still waiting to get that good scrubbing in.  I'm hoping the longer it soaks the easier it will be ... even with spraying the tin, the eggs just leave a huge mess.

They are quite tasty though...perhaps next time I wouldn't add a whole egg to one.  Some muffin cups were overflowing, plus afterwards I felt really full, but maybe that's just part of being pregnant, who knows!

So here's how you can make them: 
1 24 oz. bag of shredded has…
freckled lemonade {thanks to lifeofawife} sandwiches fresh veggies and dip a good lunch out on our little balcony i love summer days!

Day 15 YeLlOw

Yellow is such a happy color!  I love it.  My friend, who is moving back to the States, gave me this yellow vase, because she thought our green walls needed a yellow splash.  She was right!  It looks great with the green.  It will be a constant reminder of our friendship and a reminder to pray for her!

- Day 14 - Time -

It's baby laundry time! There's lots and lots of laundry to do and limited space, since we don't have a dryer. But we should be getting one sometime in our near future and I am excited about that!

There's a lot of pink going on these days ... we sure hope we are really having a girl! :D

Day 13 Art

I brought this painting back from China.  It was one of my favorite purchases there.  I was sad when the frame broke, but my wonderful sister kept her eyes open for a square, black frame (which oddly enough is hard to find) and finally found this lovely frame!!  Thanks, Lea! :)

Sad that the paper is turning yellow, but still so pretty!

12th Day ... From a low ANGLE

Let's be honest, low angles these days are not easy for  me and what in the world should I take a picture of?!  I remembered this picture that I took in London almost a month ago and thought it's the perfect low angle here we go! :) I just wish that reflection from the lights was gone ... oh well.

Day 11 Door

I was wondering what door to take a picture of.  To be honest, the door to our apartment is not exciting...nor the doors inside...then I was thinking what kind of door pictures do I have and I remembered one of my favorite engagement pictures has a door in it!  So here we go ... not the most up-to-date picture, but I love it!

Day 10 ~ Best Bit of My Weekend ~

It's hard to nail it down to one .... so here are a few: ~ beautiful sunrise and sunset ~ ~ skyping with my family ~ ~ going to a surprise birthday party ~ ~ an indoor picnic with people from school ~ ~ going swimming ~ ~ getting driven home after a long day ~ ~ going out for Chinese food ~
~ waking up to the sound of rain ~ ~ finding something here that I thought I would have to order in the States and then get later ~ But best of all: ~ having all day today with Felix ~

PS I think it's funny that one little lonely bird is sitting on the glass wall in the picture.  I didn't notice him until I opened the picture on my computer.  This picture is around 4:30 and then four hours later it was pouring rain!  So funny!

Day 9 Your View Today

I had to run downtown to a pharmacy to pick up some herbs that may help my heartburn...we'll see if it really does work or not.  But I got to see some pretty things as I was on my errand - perfect for my photo a day picture(s)!  

Oreo Cheesecake

A long time ago, I wanted to make a dessert with oreos and am just now getting around to it.  Today we have our final goodbye picnic with school people and I was excited to sign up for a dessert and finally use my oreos! :) They turned into an Oreo Cheesecake ... yum!  It's so rich and can only be eaten in small portions.  How do I make it so it doesn't get that huge crack down the middle?  So sad... Here's the link where I got it from.

day 8 six o'clock

I used to get up at six o'clock ... or somewhere around there, depending on the day.  Now, however it's turned into the time where Felix gets up (well sometimes it's 10-15 minutes earlier than this).  It's so nice to be able to sleep in a bit longer and not have to get up and rush to school.  And with nights being harder to sleep through, having to not get up at six anymore is wonderful!!

Day 7 = Drink

This is a glass of dissolved magnesium in water with a hint of lemon flavor.  Last night, I had a cramp in each leg (thankfully small ones) and I decided it was time to drink my magnesium again, which helps fight those nasty cramps! (Thanks, Moms, for the tip!) It's not my favorite drink ... but it's not the worst one either.   I was hoping to make a yummy strawberry lemonade, but I don't have any lemons and today is a holiday so stores are closed.  It will have to wait for another day. 
What exciting drink are you drinking today?

day 6 - hat

I'm cheating again and taking a picture from our time in London which was like 3 weeks ago ... but this is just too great a hat to pass up. :) We were lucky enough to see a wedding party coming out of St Margaret's Church, which is right beside Westminster Abbey.  We got to see lots of fancy hats and fascinators, which I thought was very exciting. :)

I wish I had my camera this morning when I was waiting for the bus.  There was a man walking around and waiting as well, with his small dog perched on his shoulders - kinda like a scarf.  It was so funny!  I wondered if the dog truly felt comfortable or if he was a bit worried about the height and falling off ... don't you love seeing crazy things like that?? 

~day 5 sign~

This is an old picture from our Prague trip ... that's what happens when you don't have your camera with you when you are out and the picture for the day is sign ... this one makes me smile though, so many kids playing in the street ... seems a bit much. :) 

Ok, I'm off to take a nap!  I'm excited that I actually can! :) 4...close-up...

I have two close-up pictures.  One I took yesterday and one is from today.  
This is my beautiful calla lily plant that I got from my principal on my last day of work.   Very thoughtful of him.
And this is my wonderful husband whom I love so very much!  Yesterday we sat on our little balcony and played two games.   I brought the camera along and snapped a few close-ups of the one I love. I love spending time with him and having a day together is always so special to me. I am so very thankful for him and am so blessed to have him to share the rest of my life with!

day 3 on my plate

Here is dinner on my plate ... leftover homemade pizza (I love homemade pizza!) and cucumbers.  I'm on a cucumber kick these days.  Just can't get enough of them. And the way it looks like a smiley is just an accident and I am just now seeing it. :)  Here's my newest bumpdate:

{Day 2 - Empty}

I love an empty dishwasher ... not so much the emptying process, but I am so thankful that this apartment has one!  My old one did not and it's been so wonderful to have!!  I love clean, shiny inside of an empty dishwasher...just waiting to filled up and used again!

June! Photo A Day ~ Day 1 Morning

My friend posted a photo challenge for June and I thought it sounded like fun to take part in it.  Life will be slowing down a bit and having a photo challenge again will be exciting.   Sorry for fb friends, you'll see the pictures both here and on facebook ... I thought it would be fun to share on both places.

Today's title is morning.  I sadly left my camera at school last night, but I thought it would be fitting to take a picture of the last morning at school.  This has been my kingdom for the last two years (the two years before that I was in a different room) and it's strange to think I won't be back ... I'm excited about this next adventure, but I know I will miss school, my colleagues/friends and the sweet students.  One student cried today at the end of our time together.  Sad times....  

Anyways, here's the picture for today: