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10 Months

Baby Z is ten months today.  She's moving into toddlerhood and out of hoo....She's starting to have her own little will and get angry when things don't go her way.  She's realized she can make us laugh.  She loves watching little kids and squeals with delight.  Stroller rides are a favorite and also nice for a little snooze at times.  Cheerios are another favorite {she's a great eater, just not a good drinker}.  Sleeping through the night is almost an everyday occurrence {PTL!}!  Her sleeping postions are always quite never know how you will find her.  She's incredibly curious and loves getting into things {empty boxes, laundry baskets, bags, etc is highly entertaining}.  If a cellphone or computer are somewhere near her, she doesn't waste any time getting to them.  She has so much energy.  Naps are kept short, often a half hour, if I'm lucky an hour. 

I'm so thankful for this sweet, little, energy bundle.  I look forwar…

the past few days

So I thought one way we could save for the house would be to use cloth diapers.  Not all the time, but when we are home and I feel like I can handle the challenge.  I only just got them and am having to get the feel for them still.  So far I am liking them, I just wish we didn't have so many leaks.  Anybody got any pointers for me on what the problem could be?  It's not all the time, but it's more than I would like. 

On Thursday, we met with the architect of our house!  We talked through some ideas and he will come up with a final house plan.  I'm curious to see if he can change some things that I'm not completely satisfied with.  He said it could take up to two weeks...would love to get them sooner! :)

Thursday evening, I got the final word of my glasses being broken for good.  Thankfully though on Saturday, I was able to order new ones though and subscription sunglasses.  I've never had them before - so exciting!  I hope they get here before Thursday....

the reveal...

So last week, we finally signed the contract and will be starting the whole process

We're going to build a duplex with Felix's brother and his wife (plus baby girl).  It will take a year until it will be done and there's LOTS and LOTS of decisions to be made beforehand. 
We are excited and a bit scared/nervous about all that's ahead.  But we are trusting in the Lord to take care of us and provide all we need.  It will be so great to have more room and a yard!  Plus it will be so fun living next to Felix's brother and family.  I'm looking forward to the days ahead with them! 
We're going to meet with an architect hopefully on Thursday.  Then the plans have to be handed in and then we wait.  After that, we have to get more approvals and wait some more....then once the weather gets nice after winter {because getting all those permits and the okays will take that long}, they can start building our house!  Dun, dun, dun!!  
I'll keep …