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learning a new game called Zug um Zug (train by train) so fun!
walking in the pretty (yet very cold) snow
the whole day with Felix
soup in a bread bowl :)
realizing that we don't have school all week!


homemade banana bread for breakfast doing girly things seeing Felix again after being apart for 11 days hearing about God's various names in Bible Study tonight a few degrees warmer temperatures today


ice skating day with the kids - so much fun!
dinner and the evening w/ an austrian friend
getting a massage from my friend
yummy homemade pizza
busy and fun afternoon at school


~ blokus with my fourth graders~ not freezing too bad outside - it was snowing like crazy this morning ~ text messages ~ quiet evening at home ~ being able to borrow someone's ice skates for tomorrow's ice skating event w/ the Kinder :D


...sunshine while walking to the store... ...surviving the day back at school after being sickly... ...a voicemail from my cousin, who is getting his bone marrow transplant today... ...dinner with a friend from church... ...strawberry juice + yoghurt...
PS please be sure and read the entry below this ;)


i woke up this morning not feeling the i called in sick. turned out it was a good decision and i'm realizing as the day comes to an end that tomorrow should also be a day of rest. thankfully, my sub from today can take tomorrow's classes as well. - good sleep - having energy to run to the store to have food to eat - talking to my sister - having Felix call me and check up on me - having time to watch movies and read


wedding fair with Beth peaceful time at home with a warm blanket worshiping with New City Wien yummy corn chowder the smell of a favorite candle from the States


being able to help two elderly ladies
dinner in the crockpot (someone decided to sell theirs to us this week!)
finding these at the store for a really good price
finally having time to cut up yummy pomelo and enjoy some of it
snacking on yummy dark chocolate cover pumpkin seeds! delish!! I love the fine print by the minus sign, it says, will disappear in the dark! haha


a. Vapiano's for dinner (my favorite Italian restaurant here)b. good talks c. short staff meetings d. finding fun things at Lidl e. talking wedding with Primary (they are full of questions!)


birthday party with austrian/german friends laughs in the ubahn on the way home news that my cousin's chemo treatment went well w/ no side effects! busy, but good day going to the mall with Petra


*sunshine today!!!* **getting some reading done this afternoon upon coming home** ***chatting with Leanna on msn*** *****more dancing lessons**** *****good prospect for the reception*****


1.yummy spaghetti2.prayer time with a work colleague 3.a day dedicated to getting work done w/out the kids around 4.going to Ikea with my friend, who is going to be my wedding coordinator 5.playing games


...having snooze time...
...a warm blanket after being in the cold... ...lunch with my fiance (he even did the dishes -he's a keeper!)... ...a beautiful candle arrangement made by my roommate... ...a quiet afternoon and evening...

Lately I've Been:

I saw this on friends' blog and thought I would do it, too! (Thanks, Amanda and Carrie!)
Lately I’ve Been
Buying: food to make dinner and lunch with
Considering:various options for our reception and different wedding ideas
Cooking: Creamy Chicken Chowder
Eating: Risotto
Googleing : wedding music titles
Learning: how much work, time, energy and money go into weddings
Listening: to themes songs from movies on youtube
Loving: a blanket made by Melissa
Planning: times to relax and catch with friends
Reading:Genesis, Romans, wedding magazines and blogs
Watching: The Shop Around the Corner
Wearing: warm sweaters - it's cold!!!
Wishing: for more hours in a day


a) sleeping until i woke up on my own this morningb) yummy chocolate muffin for breakfast c) a busy, but very productive day d) getting a great deal on a rug! e) pumpkin cream soup


*going to bed knowing i can sleep in *good Friday with the kids *dinner and a relaxing night with Felix *getting yet even more notes from a friend who got married *lilfe is good!


- laughs with friends - petting a random soft dog head on the escalator, he looked way to soft and happy to ignore (i have a soft spot for golden retrievers!) - going to Felix's concert with his family - having my roomie make me dinner - having my new student reach out to me and put her arm around my waist :)


.movie night with the girls. .homemade calzones for dinner. .a fun new blanket made by Melissa. .starting a book on marriage. .it's wednesday!.


- talking to both granddaddies- sunshine! - extra time on the subway to read my Bible - dinner for breakfast - catching w/ my dear roommate from Portugal

Three oh nine

good monday with the kiddosa quiet night alone at home beef stroganoff for dinner really good class period with my second graders; first one with all the students, since we got a new studentgood talks


...having someone tell me that my German is so good, like a fluent speaker (sometimes my mistakes really bother me!)...
...getting a cute smile from a toddler on the subway...
...brief resting time this afternoon...
..more good wedding headway...
...having time to paint my nails...


pretty snowflakes
watching the kids play in the snow
playing an alphabet game with Primary (I love that age!)
plans coming together for the weekend to check into locations for wedding+reception
carrot soup for dinner


*2 hour long talk with my sis, the other didn't wanna talk ;) love you both* *good first day back in the saddle* *prayer time with staff members after school* *dinner with my roommate* *joys of seeing VCSers again*


sleeping in lategetting things done around the apartment enjoying some quiet time dancing with Felix (gotta practice for the Viennese Waltz for the wedding!) dinner with some of Felix's friends


A Getting a few more hours of sleep after a sleepless morning

B. Meeting up with an Austrian friend

C. A nap to help my cold go away

D. Korean food for dinner

E. The smell of clean clothes

302 of 365

a slow, lazish morning that turns into early afternoon getting some notes and magazines and papers from a friend that got married 2 years agobeing successful at what seemed at first a small task and then turned into a bigger onelearning a new game and not being too confused during it all ;) chocolate fondue for dinner ... can I just say YUM, chocolate for dinner!!


a good last day of the retreat with the young people -I really enjoyed having longer amounts of time with people and having deeper conversationstime with Felix and his family pretty snowflakesgetting a phone message on my magic jack trying a new meal - soup fondue


...sleeping in... ...not freezing too much during a day of being outside... ...singing German praise songs... ...getting a ride home... ...going to the zoo and seeing this...


I forgot to wish everybody a happy new year! So here ya go - may this next year be a wonderful and very blessed one!! I look forward to what lies ahead and to hearing from you about your year!!
My first day in 2010 was a very good, but long one! My church is currently having a "New Year's Retreat" with a church from Frankfurt, Germany. They got in on the 31st and will be here until Sunday. We celebrated the start of a new year together and are showing them around Vienna and taking time to remember that Jesus is our personal Saviour. The theme of the retreat (M)Ein Retter - (my) a Saviour. Today we spent some time praising God and sharing what He has been teaching us. We toured Vienna with our guests and heard about the history behind some of the famous landmarks. After spending some time getting warmed up in a cafe, we went back to the cold streets and did a street evangelism event. We sang songs and in between them someone gave a testimony and it was translate…


good time with Austrian friends celebrating the new yearfun day with Felix finishing our gift exchange ;) not too cold of a night to watch the fireworks bed after a really long day!