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...getting asked (!) for my support information...

...dinner at applebee's...

...hearing testimonies during the baptismal service...

...the fact that some relationships do not change despite how long you have not been together...

...a new-ish necklace (first time wearing it!)...


1. A typical American b-fast: eggs, sausage, pancakes, and cantaloupe

2. time with sisters
3. four square in the basement - oh the good ole days
4. catching up with old friends
5. getting hugs from Baby J


- laughing with my sisters

- babysitting Julienne

- having some time with people from Laura and Andrew's church

- long talks

- air conditioning!!


* taking pictures of Julienne * seeing Julienne's face after nap time - HUGE smile!
* Mexican restaurant :) * making Julienne laugh in Wal-Mart
* kissing baby toes!!


- talking to my cousin and hearing he is a bit better
- walking with Laura and Julienne- warm welcome from people at Laura's church- movie with Laura at night- precious baby hugsLaura made this apron for me. This was the project we were working on. Didn't she do a wonderful job! YAH for aprons and not spilling all over myself while cooking! :)

Precious Moments

I am so thankful for this time I have with my precious little niece, Julienne! She is sooo sweet!
GST # 109 for the day:- baby laughs and kisses - aerobics class with Laura- finishing up our project, picture to follow tomorrow :) - a super short nap- just being with Laura!


* catching up with a best friend!

* playing with and snoozing next to Baby Julienne in the car ride to Laura's house

* long skype chat with someone special

* helping Laura with a project

* reconnecting with one of my 2nd families after not having seen them for 3 years!!!

106ish :)

Unfortunately, my sister's internet is not very reliable and comes and goes a lot - more going than coming, so last night I was unable to share my GST. This will also be the case tomorrow night ... so tonight and Monday night, I will double days. Here are my ten for the past two days.

- strawberry picking with Coburns - playing Wii - being reunited with Leanna
- safe travels
- coming "home" (my VA home)
- seeing Julienne, Laura and Andrew! Julienne is so sweet!!
- playing ping pong with my sisters :)
- homemade pizza and cookies 'n' cream ice cream
- laughing until I cried and almost spewed
- giving and receiving bday gifts

Pictures to follow ....


1. Getting pampered over a pedicure (do you know which one is my foot?!)

2. Chicken sandwich and waffle fries with bbq sauce at ChicFil A
3. Watching Aaron laugh while playing with us

4. Amazing weather and good friends

5. Cooking with Amanda and Isaac


Colby Jack cheese tuna melt on homemade bread

waking up to the sound of rain

another day with Amanda, Isaac, and Aaron

relaxing day at home

peanut M&Ms

Today Amanda and I went to Food Lion, where I was once again AMAZED at all the varieties of one item that America has ... wow ... sure is different from Austrian stores! Amanda just laughed at me - we aren't in Austria anymore! :)

America GST Day # 103

1. driving a stick shift and being able to help Amanda so that she could take care of her baby
2. shopping with old friends
3. Raspberry lemonade
4. a bed to sleep in after long travels
5. yummy smelling shampoo :) Amanda's got some good stuff here!

FYI - randrom sidenote: Being back in America is so weird ... driving in cars is equally weird ... not hearing German is very sad!


- safe travels

- seeing Amanda!

- getting some sleep on the plane!

- airport parties

- bags that made didn't get lost and weren't overweight! YAH!!


- time in the sun
- good farewells, sad but good!
- encouraging Bible Study - playing Uno Spin
- being provided with food all day long :D

some pictures

The Vienna Ferris Wheel or Riesenrad auf Deutsch

the sun setting ... beautiful time to be up there!
the view from the ferris wheel
this is the bowl I painted at Made by You - sooo much fun going there!
Frank being goofy while playing a game ... I'm gonna miss these kids ...


- a picnic
- dinner and games with friends
- walking in the rain
- finding more gifts to bring back to family :) (are you excited about this one, Laura and Leanna?! I am! lol)
- a new/used bike!


- getting things done for the summer
- skyping with people all over the world (gotta love skype)
- having a clean house!
- dinner made for me
- reading Dr. Suess


- getting sweet goodbye cards, flowers and chocolate from students
- signing TONS of yearbooks
- finishing the final touches of getting my room done for the summer
- holding a baby for almost 25 minutes!
- hugs!


realizing I'll be in the States next week and seeing old friends :D
game night and taco salad with friends
finishing things up at school
great weather
having time to sit and relax this afternoon

...95... day with the munchkins...
...dinner with friends...
...redeeming my birthday present of going to the theater and seeing My Fair Lady...
...starting the task of finishing things up for the end of the school...
...talks with fellow teachers...

94 GST

- having a girl come up to me after church, who remembered my name and truly be interested in me and my life
- encouraging talks - the ability to be honest with friends - the knowledge that God will always be there every step of the way in my life - nap after church


- beautiful weather and even a few raindrops :)
- breakfast with my pastor and his family
- sitting on a terrace and enjoying life
- painting pottery with friends
- cranberry juice!!!! yum!!


1. watching parents be proud of their children as they got their awards this morning2. getting a brief nap in today! 3. being productive at school during our afternoon off 4. tacos and a movie w/ friends tonight :) 5. riding a bike!!

91 Days of GST

* a bird's eye view of the city, I gave my friend, Amanda, a ticket to go on the big ferris wheel here and tonight we did that! it was so much fun - great view!  *

** it was Thursday, but we had no meetings today! ** 
*** company for dinner ***
**** last full day of school .... my how time flies ****
***** enjoying chapel for the last time with the elementary kiddos *****


- reading to all of Primary and 1st Grade, I love how they get into the stories!- having time to sort through papers that have stacked up over the school year - great talks on park benches (with two different people throughout the day) - knowing that God is good and He has a plan, no matter what! - going to a concert


1. surprise guest speaker in almost all my classes - which happen to fall on the perfect day, I was so tired today!  I couldn't sleep past 4:00ish this that was a rough start to the day! 
2. chat with my roommate
3.  time to sit and watch a movie 
4. finally, getting home after being stuck on the subway for about 45 min .... fresh air was so good after that!
5. leftover Thai Pizza for dinner


- sleeping in 
- walking around Schoenbrunn palace with dear friends
- really good talks
- amazing weather
- getting rid of something hideous from our living ;)


- the sound of rain as i go to sleep 
- talks with my sisters and friends
- walk through downtown Vienna
- sharing church with friends that are visiting for the weekend
- clean sheets