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Last day in March for GST - Day #31

- I started the day feeling kinda crummy, but thank God, I made it through and felt just fine throughout the day 
- Really good talk with my roommate
- Today was our final Battle of the Books contest with fourth and fifth grade.  I'm so glad I was able to watch most of the battles and see how well (or how little) the kids read for these contests!  
- A night at home!
- Walking about a third of the way home with a fellow teacher and having good chats on the way

30 days around GST

1)  beautiful pink flowers that just magically appeared on my desk at school this morning!!
2)  one of my students was back (briefly, he wasn't there all day) after having had his appendix removed about 10 days ago...we got the whole scoop of what really happened!
3)  having a good laugh w/ two Austrians at school  -  we've been coming up with phrases and sayings in either English or German and then translatting them into the other language, which then make no sense in the other language.  We always have lots of fun with it! :)  
4)  starting the taxes process with the help of a friend - thanx, Mel!!
5)  a good Monday and not a rough first day of the week one...always a plus! 
I have a few more than five so I'm just gonna keep going 
6)  it finally stopped raining
7)  sunlight that lasted until almost 7:30 pm!!
8)  bedtime :)

Today and yesterday's GST

This weekend I puppy and apartment sat.  It was nice having a little vacation from normal life and being in a different environment for the weekend.  I also had fun having a puppy for the weekend despite the first night of very little sleep - oh well!  Last night was MUCH better.  
I'm just gonna list a few things I am thankful for this weekend: - Absolutely beautiful day yesterday, it was actually warm and coats were not necessary - Puppy time!!  Milka is so cute and I enjoyed having a soft little head to pet :) - The Hunters had a TV and it was nice being able to watch shows and movies on an actual TV and not a small computer screen - A full night's sleep last night, despite losing an hour! - I meet a new girl at church today.  It was only her 2nd time there so I'm hoping we can become friends - Spring break countdown is getting smaller and smaller! - A very restful weekend - Leftovers in the freezer so I don't have to cook!  - Being back in my apartment again!  There is no pl…


1.  Walking up w/out an alarm clock and getting to school early and being able to leave early afternoon
2.  I walked around without a scarf today - YAH for warmer weather!
3.  Snuggling with Milka pooch...I'm dog-sitting for missionaries here
4.  Kimbab (Korean food) for dinner 5.  Watching TV on a TV and not computer

The 26th Day

1) Lysann calling me and talking to Levinia :) 
2) Having Beth back at school (she was sick all week, still is) and Cindi being ok after a fall down some steps!
3) Half day at school and being able to come home and get some things done before the night got too late
4) Being able to get up this morning even though I wasn't able to sleep until WAY too late
5)  Homemade apple sauce

On the 25th Day of GST, God gave to me

- one drive home after Bible Study - two second graders, who had their last ELL class  - three pairs of Snoopy socks in a package from Germany - four songs that reminded me of how much God loves me and how much Jesus had to sacrifice for me! - five Hunters that let me eat dinner and hang out a bit (thanks, I really enjoyed it, sorry it was so short!)


These are gonna be brief because it late!! 
1.  Dinner with new friends from church 2.  Amanda helping me figure out which train to get home (thanks!!  glad you answered your cell!) 3. One-on-one prayer time with Liz (a fellow teacher), we decided to break away from the group prayer time this morning 4.  Sun for most of the day, which later turned to snow and hail ... hum ... where is spring? 5.  A warm place to sleep!!!  It's cold out there - I was freezing tonight!

Day # 23

1. Getting a phone call from one of my besties, Michelle! :)  I lost her during the conversation and when I returned to a German chat-conversation I was having earlier, my friend was so kind to point out, well at least you didn't lose her, like your friendship - which was how it came across as at first when I said I lost her! oops!  And Michelle had some good advice for me  -  which is always greatly appreciated!
2.  Having time after school to sit and read and think in my pink chair.  
3.  Dr. Pepper with's been a VERY long time! 
4.  A dinner invitation from a lady from church for tomorrow night
5.  Enjoying the last week of ELL with 2nd grade - after next week they will graduate :)  That means I have an extra 40 minutes every day to get things done! YAH  ... I'm excited!  Today we did our lesson and then looked at books about the weather for the last several minutes...which is great...not having to teach and just let them explore and soak in on their own!  Ahhhh…

22nd day of GST

Today I'm going to do something different...instead of just listing them, I'm going to put them in a paragraph and you have to read into the text the five things I am thankful for!  Have fun :D
It was a beautiful day today filled with sunshine, but a biting wind.  Unfortunately, I was wearing the wrong attire for the weather and felt really cold this morning.  However, everything worked like clockwork in getting to church.  I was on time again - two weeks in a row! YAH!!  I came home fairly prompt after church, because I wasn't feeling super.  I layed down for a while and hoped that would help me feel better.  It did help a bit, I am still feeling a little under the weather, but oh well.  While I was relaxing with my laptop, I got a message from a friend asking me if I wanted to come over and watch Horton Hears a Who.  Thankfully, I got reminded while watching it that there is a deadline for something this week that I needed to take care of - big sigh of relief here!  We ba…

21st GTS

1.  Having my cousin call me and then tell me that I will most likely get to see him this summer!2.  Skyping with Grandaddy, Uncle Reiley, Laura, Leanna, and Baby Julienne! 3.  Running to the mall with Cindi (who didn't use crutches after breaking her leg, um...about 8  weeks ago) and getting everything on our lists!  4. Trying out a new recipe - thanks, Joanna! :D   5.  A new yoga mat to do back exercises on...hopefully, this will help the soreness I have been feeling


1. Having prayer time with the little boy I babysit.  He wanted to pray for a girl - I think he was asking me to pray for a future wife, at least that was my interpretation and so we did and we prayed for a boy for me :D 2. Not a drop of rain 3. Excellent timing to and from babysitting - I tried something kind of new ... no glitches except for a rather interesting experience in the train station ...  4. Watching Grades 3-5 act out book titles 5. Decorating my classroom a bit more only after way too months of being in it ... lol

19th entry of GST

1. Watching Judy (our receptionist) get tickets to see Il Divo - she loves them and would never buy tickets because they are too expensive.  So we all pitched it and gave her and her hubsand tickets to see them.  They have been serving at VCS for years and years...she was soo excited, she jumped in the air for a bit! :D  Soooo precious!2.  A bucket of apples 3.  Getting a massage from a friend 4.  Finding my favorite kind of wheat bread at the store - they hadn't been carrying it for a while now! 5.  An early birthday card from Harvest Partner Women :)  Thank you!!!!!
PS Strike the spring comment from yesterday ... today we had HUGE flakes of snowing flurrying down and not just once today, but several different times.  It was crazy!  It was like cotton candy flying from the sky....


1. The promise of spring throughout the day2. PJ day at school ... which made me sleepy... 3. Talking to Vonne after playing phone tag WAY too long 4. Getting my purchase order for next year approved by my department head!  VERY exciting!  5. Having time to let my brain claim down and relax for the evening - aka not needing to be anywhere!

17 of 356

1. Working out after school with other teachers 2. Good lessons with students today 3. Waking up to sunshine 4. Leftovers for dinner - enchiladas ... which were quite tastey and required very little work :)  5. Talking to a very dear friend that I haven't talked to in forever and getting encouraging words from her and just being able to share what is going on in our lives


1.  Hearing Baby Julienne laugh over the phone :)2.  The Wells coming over for dinner  3.  Good and pretty brief in-service after school 4.  Apple Crisp .... yum, yum 5.  Being healthy  - I brought my cough medicine to a friend and I realized how nice it is not being sick - knock on wood!  May it stay that way ....

15 of 365

1.  Being on time for church!  Usually I've been late, because I've had the hardest time making the various connections to church - but now I know, what time is the best to go and make it there on time! :) YAH!
2. Getting invited by 5 different people to come over sometime or have lunch after church!  I felt so special.  It really helps feel at home in a church, when people start showing interest in you.
3. Baked Spaghetti Pie for lunch ... yum :) 
4. Leisure Sunday of resting and catching up w/ family and friends - magic jack has been so wonderful.  I love being able to pick up a phone and call my family and friends in the US!  
5. The smell of vanilla - which is around our house these days!  Gotta love it...

14th day of GST

1.) Good God time this morning!! 2.) Sleeping in and not having anywhere to be this morning! 3.) Time to just sit on the couch and relax! 4.) Sun all day - not a single drop of rain! 5.) I went to an Austrian youth group - which is not just for youth - it's so nice to be surrounded by Austrians and speaking German!

13. Grace in Small Things

Some days it's hard to come up with five things ... but a dear friend reminded me, that this is good practice and that is why it's good to keep doing this!
# 1  IT'S FRIDAY!!  # 2  Tulips in my appartment.  # 3  My roommate made dinner :)  # 4  Getting fun snail mail letters from a new friend ...  # 5  Facebook chatting w/ a dear friend in Northern Tibet, that I haven't seen in two years!
Here are some "recent" pictures that I wanted to share ... enjoy! :) 
This is one of the sweetest second graders...unfortunately, I don't teach her, but we are still pretty tight!  We have this special greeting with have for each other every time we see each other - it's soo cute.  Her mom wanted to take this picture at International Family Fun night - she said that her daughter talks about Miss Kidd!  
This is my second grader...he won 1st prize for the Book Character Contest - anyone have a guess who he was??  
This is one of my first graders - she was one of my favorites t…


1. Sweet time praying with my students
2. No staff meeting after school
3. Functioning internet!
4. Homemade pretzels
5. Free Liberty University T-shirt from an LU representive that came to present the school to our high school students

Minnie for the day


1. Going to a Bible Study from church!  2. Getting a ride after the Bible Study to the subway stop!! 3. Finally getting in touch with someone from a company, I would like to order from for school. 4. Book Character Contest at school - I was Minnie Mouse (picture to follow) 5. Drinking yummy tea I like...normally I do not enjoy tea so much, but I've found one that I could try again and it won't have to come from Korea this time!!  

10 of 365

1. Sun on my back during one of my classes! AHHHHH....2. Chatting w/ friends I haven't talked to in a LONG time 3. Yummy salad for dinner 4. Going on an adventure to find a store close to school, being unsuccessful, but still having a good time 5. NO RAIN!!!!!

9 of 365

1) Good day at school - all my students were really good today! I had a lot of fun with them and even let several classes do individual - which is always a nice break!  5th grade with Miss Stevens was so fun today as well.  I got to be the lovely assistent and point out where all the American colonies are :) 
2) Hearing the rain on the window
3) Fleece pants and socks after a long day of teaching and walking around to run errands.  
4) Smell of clean clothes hanging on the drying rack 
5) I watched a sweet movie with my roomie - Martian Child (super cute!)

8 of 365

1) Short talk w/ an old college friend! :)2) Good church service and a wonderful reminder that our faith and deeds go hand-in-hand.  One does not come without the other. 3) Lunch with German friends  4)  Sunshine a LOT during the day!  5) Sucess of a new recipe

7 of 365

1) Starbucks with Whitney!  2) Finished a small project that has been going on a LONG time (I just forgot about it and then never got around to it!) 3) A phone call from Levinia :)  4) Hide'n'Seek in the dark w/ new Austrian friends 5) Sleeping in!!

6 of 365

1.  Going to the theater - I love going!!2.  Time with my parents 3.  A day off of work 4.  Slower morning to get ready and make b-fast  5.  Hearing the rain

Kids' words and then some

During prayer time, one of my 5th graders said this: "Thank you, Father, that you are special to us.  I thought that was really sweet." 
After tutoring, my student was talking about her birthday and then she goes, "I will celebrate my birthday very properly."  Lol, I thought the proper birthday celebration was so cute!
Here are my GTS for the day: 
1) Snail mail w/ pictures of my nieces!!!!!  2) Good time with my parents 3) SUN  4) Fun classes 5) Austrian music over dinner

4 of 356

1)  Safe arrival of my parents 2)  Time to read on the subway 3)  Kiwi with granola + yoghurt for breakfast!  love kiwis! 4)  New pictures of my nieces! 5)  My iPod didn't die until 5 minutes before coming home as opposed to 30!   >:o)

GST 3 of 365

1) Unexpected trip to and from school with my friend, Rachel! YAH!!2) Lunch was given and prepared for me  3) Relaxing and fun night 4) Encouragement from friends during the day when I needed it 5) Talked with my sister 

Weekend GST

Here are my Grace in Small Things (GST) for the weekend...
1. Rediscovering a favorite pair of spring shoes! :) 
2. Clean sheets...ahh....
3. Warmer weather on Saturday
4.  Time to relax and catch up with old friends
5. Communion at church
6.  Walking around downtown Vienna
7.  Singing German songs
8.  Sleep!!!
9.  Ice skating at night in front of the Rathaus with friends and not getting blisters!
10.  Eating Gelato ice cream .... yummmmmmyyyyyy