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Day 29 - Light

Light I love all the lights at Christmas time {well, minus the honky-tonk lights - as my family calls them}. I love candles, especially the ones on the Advent wreath.  I love white lights on a Christmas tree. I love all our little candle decorations that we have for Christmas. The atmosphere with all those lights is just ... magical!  {You should see the lights from downtown at this time of year - here's a sneak peak.}

Day 28 - Nighttime

So nighttime pictures are hard to take... especially when it's super cold out.  I tried to take one out of our bedroom window and they are all like this:
But I still think it's kinda cool.  I love all the lights we can see from the train and subway bridge.  Sometimes there's fun lights from ships floating down the river, too.  We have such a beautiful view (at least from one the side of our apartment!) :).   I am so thankful for our wonderful little home!

Day 27 - Daily Routine

Part of my daily routine is waiting for public transportation.  I am thankful for the monitors that show how long I will have to wait {usually they are right}.    I am also thankful for the frequency of the public transportation here.

Day 26 - Transportation

Living in Vienna helps you really appreciate public transportation.  I'm so thankful for the great system they have set up here.  One of the greatest things is how easy it is to figure out! 

Day 25 - Artwork

- Artwork -   A while back, we finally figured out something we would like to put on one of our empty walls.  Yesterday, it finally came!  I was hoping it would be here before our Thanksgiving dinner guests came and it just barely made it.  Felix was actually still working on it when the first guests trickled in.   I really like it ... the white and green are such a great combo. 

Day 24 - Gratitude

There is so much to be thankful for.  But today I'm especially thankful for the Thanksgiving Dinner with Rings and Kidds.  I'm very grateful for my parents being able to come visit.  I'm grateful for my mom's kitchen help and my dad's dish washing skills! :)  I'm grateful for a wonderful husband and a new family to share an American Thanksgiving with!  I am so very blessed...

Thanksgiving Turkey

This little guy is waiting in our fridge to be cooked up and eaten tomorrow.  Thank you, Merkur, for having one of these ... especially for having one w/ a bow on it and a sticker that wishes us a Happy Thanksgiving!  The bow really makes me laugh!  How very thoughtful of them!!  
 Well, the kitchen is calling my mom's and my name ... time to get to work on some preparations for the big day tomorrow!

Day 23 - In Your Closet

This is such a great thing to have in my closet.  It holds scarves quite nicely and helps give a nice overview of what you have and what might fit best with today's outfit.  Gotta love Ikea!

Day 22 - Clothing

Last night we got on some of our best clothes to go to a fancy gala dinner that our school put on to celebrate its 25th anniversary.  We don't get to dress up like this very often, so it was kinda fun, but quite chilly ...

Day 21 - Where You Sleep

Where we sleep will change tomorrow night, because my parents are coming to visit us!!  We are giving them our cozy bed and taking the air mattress in our spare room.  It's funny that we will sleep in a room we've never slept in, but many guests have.   I am so excited about my parents visits and I've enjoyed getting things ready for the visit and preparing the place where they will sleep! :) The amazing thing about this place to sleep is that it blows up electronically and it takes less than 3 minutes!  It's incredible!!  The only pain is folding it up and finding a place to store the huge monster...

Day 20 - Seasonal

This year I've come to really love the Fall.  I've enjoyed all the pumpkin things and I'm a little bit sad that it's almost gone.  But I'm thankful for the fall, the beautiful colors and flavors God has given us.

Day 19 - Best Friend(s)

Best Friends
God has blessed me with so many wonderful friendships: from my days in German schools to college (both Word of Life and Liberty), from student teaching to teaching in Portugal and now Vienna.  I cherish and love my friendship with my husband and he's one of my best friends, but there is another friendship that I want to dedicate today's blog to.

God has blessed me with two big sisters and a special connection between all three of us.  I am so thankful for the friendship I share with my sisters.  I am so blessed to have my sisters be my best friends.  We have experienced so many wonderful and sometimes tough things together.  They are always there for me, no matter what I may need - advice, a laugh, tips, recipes, hugs, encouragement or someone to laugh at me. :) I cherish every time we can be together.  I wish it could be more, but that ocean between us makes visits trickier (and expensive).  I cannot wait until I get to see them again.

Here are some quotes that …

Day 18 - Something New

This week has had lots of fog.  Today was the first day where there was something new - no fog, just overcast skies.  Then later on during the day, the sun actually came out and greeted us!  Sadly, I couldn't get a picture or actually get out in it, but was still nonetheless!
So here's my something new that I saw on the way to work from the train window:

Day 17 - Memories

How do you take a picture of Memories? I have so many wonderful ones. Family vacations in wonderful places, with an amazing trip planner Dad. My little brother being born. Grandparents coming to visit us in Germany. Our rabbits. Laughs and late night talks with sisters. The Kidd family hamburger nights. Christmas markets. Graduating from high school and college. Watching my siblings become parents.  Conversations with family that have helped shaped my life to where I am now. Loving on my sweet nieces. Visiting and living in many countries. Working in a Christian school. Building deep friendships. Meeting my amazing husband. Getting married!
I have so many wonderful memories!  This list could go on and on. When I left the States to student teach in South Korea, my sweet sisters got together and gave me a wonderful gift.  They gave me a photo album filled with tons of memories from our lives and lots of old pictures and some recent ones.  It was such a sweet way to share o…

Day 16 - Animals

....Animals... I don't really see them much during the day.  I do see dogs being taken on walks and ravens on occasion, but sadly that's it!  Usually, there's one particular dog that one class sees with me almost every day.  We've even named the dog.  However, we haven't seen the dog all these animals will have to do:  

Today I even saw a bunch of birds flying by as I walked away from school, but I wasn't able to get a picture of them.  It reminded of me this post.

Day 15 - Technology

Deciding what to take a picture of today was super easy.  There is one piece of technology that I am very thankful for. I am so thankful for computers (esp. laptops) and internet.  It makes the distance between family and friends seem so much less. Although it's cruel when you skype and can't touch the people (especially my nieces) on the other end! But I am so thankful that I can use the internet to keep up with my loved ones far away. Plus I really enjoy blogging.
Not to mention my love for pinterest and facebook!

Day 14 - Movement easy one when you are working with kids.  Here is a moving shot of my Primary (Kindergarten) class.  There is always LOTS of moving in that class.  They were really excited that they got to move a bit more than normal for the picture! :)

Day 13 - Written Words

Written words. What better to take a picture of than our canvas guestbook that we had at our wedding. Filled with lovely wishes and thoughts. Lots of colors. Much joy. Cute little pictures. All to remember our wonderful wedding day.

Day 12 - Hands

I love this right hand.  I love how this hand: so helpful around our apartment... ...rubs my back... ...holds my hand... ...carries my heavy suitcases... ...goes grocery shopping... ...washes dishes... ...flippes pancakes... ...tuckes me with a blanket when I'm cold...
I love this hand and his partner left hand!!

Day 11 - Something Old

I kept wondering what I could take a picture of that is old and I just couldn't come up with anything.  I didn't have time to hunt down something downtown ... I thought about things in our apartment and couldn't come up with anything old.  But then tonight I had the most fabulous idea!! :)

When I thought of old, I thought of my beloved Grandaddy who lived to be 95 years old.  He was such a special man.  Us, grandkids, had so much fun with him!  He got a pool basically just for the grandkids (and we couldn't use it that often, because we didn't go to the States but every few years).  He played croquet with us whenever we came.  Often he preferred goofing off with us instead of taking part of the adult conversations!  I miss hearing his laugh and his wonderful stories.  I miss hearing his little sayings, like "Oh boy!" and his little observant comments that he always had...he would surprise us with his remarks even in the final months.  I still miss him.  On…

Day 10 - Nature

So today I was kinda inside almost all day, minus walking to the subway and work and a few errands, so I'm going to have to cheat a bit and take a picture I took a while back in October.   Thanks go to Jess for letting me use her camera! :) 

Day 9 - Inspiring Person

Today's theme is an inspiring person.  Not an easy thing ... there are lots of great people that inspire me.  But there's one in particular that has helped inspire me especially in regards to photography and since this a photo challenge, it seems rather fitting!
She inspires me to capture moments in life on camera. 
She inspires me to be creative with photography.
But more importantly, she inspires me to walk closely with the Lord even when life is not easy. 
She inspires me to use my talents and gifts. 
She inspires me to share love with others.
She's just an inspiration all around! 

Day 8 - Favorite Color

Today's challenge was favorite color.  For me, this isn't always an easy thing to decide.  I love colors!  I have a few that I love especially, but I guess I would have to say that right now green is my favorite and pink is close behind.  I took a few pictures of green things today ...

Green is such an alive and happy color.  When I suggested green for a few of our walls in our living/dining/kitchen room (which is one quite large room), I think Felix was hesitant at first.  And I wasn't sure what it would actually turn out like either, but now that we have it and have some furniture that matches it super, we LOVE it.  We get lots of comments about the green, too.  
I love green!!

Day 7 - Something Funny

Today's theme is something funny ...  I really wish I had my camera or the guts to take a picture of what I saw on Saturday.  It was pretty priceless.  Picture this: a young lady ... with a sombrero, a red clown nose, a loud red coat with random things sewed onto it (like balloons, ducks, and I can't remember all the other silly things) and a suitcase.  Is she going to the airport and actually traveling in this swell getup?  Will she be going to the hospital to cheer up the patients?  Does she have a guest appearance at a child's birthday party later on in the day?  Did she lose a bet and have to wear that outfit all day?  I don't know ... never will ... which is a real shame.  But man do I wish I had a picture of her.  
I did say I wanted to take pictures of the day ... so here are pictures of something funny from today. What funny things have you seen today??