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the things you see on public transportation

Why worry about getting a seat on the subway, just bring your own!!
So glad Felix has a reliable camera on his cellphone.  It would have been a pity to pass this great blogging opportunity up!! =)

Good-bye, German driver's license! :( Hello, Austrian one!

Over spring break, I started the process of getting my German driver's license changed to an Austrian one with Ring instead of Kidd.  I did not realize that having an American passport and German license would be so challenging when trying to get an Austrian one.  I had to go on a wild goose chase to find paper work showing that I was in fact in Germany six months prior to receiving my license.  I was pretty annoyed when I found that out...I like to start a task and get it done!  Plus the hours for the DMV are kinda hard to work with ... being open only in the mornings except on Thursdays (the only day where we have staff meetings) makes it hard to get out there. So I was really frustrated when I couldn't get it taken care of during my break. all the crazy paper work and copies (the blue paper is a list of things that need to be copied!)....can I just say craziness...again...


Thursday nights are Bible study nights.  For the past few months, we've had the joy of hosting it.  I love having guests in our home and also getting to do lots of baking (almost's great!).  Those aren't the only things I love though.  I love our discussions.  It's so encouraging when people get together and talk about the Bible.  I love hearing thoughts from others and getting a new perspective of a passage.  It's so refreshing!!  

Earlier this week, Felix and I strolled around the market almost right outside out apartment building and I decided I should make a strawberry dessert for our Bible study night!  I love strawberries - when I was a kid(d) :), I ALWAYS wanted strawberry birthday cakes....yum...But as an adult, I haven't really baked with strawberries, other than strawberry bread.  So I went on a search for strawberry desserts on all kinds of cooking/baking blogs. This is what I stumbled upon: 
What do you like to make with your strawberries?