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21 Months and 29 Weeks

Z is getting closer and closer to becoming a 2 year old! It's so fun to watch her learning new things and trying out new things. She's such a little ray of sunshine and brings us so much laughter! I cannot wait to watch her grow into her new role as big sister. I sometimes imagine what it will be like having her come to the hospital and meet her little baby sister. It's going to be so very special. It's been really fun hearing her say new words and to hear what language they come out in. Her body parts are almost all in English. Two words that she often says in German are car and hot {I did get her to say car in English yesterday though!}. Thankfully, some words are the same or almost the same in both languages, such as baby and shoe. She was getting better at answering a question with yes, when this was the case, but now she's gone back to answering in a positive no and we keep telling her, "you have to say yes!" She is so funny! Sadly, she is still fre…