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21 Weeks

The baby bump is starting to pop out more...especially at night!  It's exciting!! :)  I'm happy to finally look a bit more pregnant.  I'm so thankful that I've been feeling so well these past few weeks.  My hip pain is only there on occasion, which is another huge blessing!! 

This week we had an organ screening done and everything was just as it should be!  It was great to see our baby girl again.  She was rather still though and didn't move quite as much as she does for our evening doctor visits.  But I've been feeling her move around more and more though.  It's such a great feeling!!  I love it!! 

Well, not much else to say ... I need to go get things done today.  I have lots on my to do list for this quiet Saturday!  Hope you have a great weekend ... any exciting plans??

Halfway there!

This week marks the halfway point in my pregnancy!  It's hard to believe, but also so exciting. 
I thought it's time for another baby bump picture to celebrate the week! :) Baby is still not showing much, even though according to the ticker up there the baby is now the size of a cantaloupe...take a look for yourself:
Happy Tuesday everyone!

Last Night

ICSV's International Family Fun Night was last night and it was a great evening!  It's so fun having so many countries represented with their yummy foods and dressed in their traditional clothes!!  I love seeing all the families together.

I wasn't able to take any pictures, because I forgot my I was too busy.  But our Parent Teacher Fellowship coordinator has some great pictures and a blog entry that you can read here - 
A fellow teacher and friend also got some great pictures:


Happy Weekend!!  Does anyone have any exciting plans?

Week 18

Here's the first of many pictures to mark the growth of my baby bump (not the best, but oh well)! :)  It's fun to see things happening and starting to show a bit more.  Still wish I would pop out more, but that will come before I know it.

This week has brought a new level of pain in my hip, perhaps a pinched nerve.  It can be extremely painful.  I went swimming tonight in hopes to help loosen felt good, but when I got home, it started to hurt again really bad.  Any body got any tips??