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A ball with my hubby

Last night was the technical university ball (Felix attended university there). It started at 9 pm! That's pretty close to my bedtime....the whole midnight thing with Cinderella makes more sense now! You start the evening by squeezing into the main ballroom (which is gorgeous! see picture below where the masses of people are!). There they have the opening ceremony, where you can't really see anything, but can hear what is going on. It took forever though, so that's kinda a rough way to start a night where you are on your feet anyways! We also got to walk around the palace and see the many other ballrooms. The different ballrooms have various styles of music. We got to waltz in the main ballroom and Cha-cha-cha. We had lots of fun, but got extremely tired and headed home around 2 a.m. Sadly, there was not as much dancing done as we would have liked. It's hard when there are so many other people on the dance floor and when your feet get tired! But w…

poor little guy

This was the juice drink i bought the other day:
Sorry, it's kinda fuzzy, but I thought it was so funny!


Today, Felix, my friend, Yvonne, and I went skiing! We had such a wonderful time! Check out this view!!

science experiment

I was punching holes into the eggs I wanted to boil and I accidently pushed too hard on the little whole punch thingie and broke the top part of the egg. I decided to leave it there to cook with the others and see what's what happened:

Last night

I had an interesting experience in our elevator after two kids and their dad got on. The girl stood right in front of me and stutters: "I-I-I-I like your shiny necklace." The boy said: "I like your glasses. Isn't it nice getting compliments?" Shortly thereafter, the little girl says: "Your skirt is nice." We then all get off the elevator, the dad is a little embarrassed and I walk ahead of them to not bring him more discomfort through his polite kids!(sounds funny saying it like that) As I walk out ahead of them, I hear, "I like your hair!!" She says it twice, because I didn't want Dad to get more angry at her! :D Apparently, today was a good outfit day - at least in the minds of a 5 year old and 8 year old! I've never even seen these kids before!
Here's a pic to go w/ the compliments - they made my day.