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Recent happenings

A few weekends ago, two other teachers and I went to a ball.  We had soo much fun getting all dressed up and attending a ball!   This is what the dance floor looked like right after the opening ceremony:
Here we are - ready for a beautiful ball 
We saw some crazy outfits there. Here's one for ya: 

Last weekend, I went skiing with some fellow teachers.  Unfortunately though, my friend, Cindi, broke her leg!  She is doing well though and in high spirits - but she did have to have surgery.  The slopes!!  It was great being out there and skiing again!
Poor Cindi ... there's her foot all wrapped up so it wouldn't be cold on our way to the second hospital!  She was a brave girl!!
Here are some new pictures of Lilian.  Lysann and Lilian came home from the hospital today!  
Here she is in her little bear outfit ... I got it for her - isn't it cute??
Robert , Lilian, and Lysann
Soo cute!!
Big sister, Levinia!!  Hope she's ready for all that brings :)  I'll be there in eight days! I'm soooo excited!

If we were to loose the sun, then ...

Today in my beginner class, we were talking about space and the sun.  I asked my students what would happen if we did not have the sun.  One answered and said we would have no light - the usual typical answer.  The other student's reponse was much more entertaining though!  He said that all the wild animals would eat us!  I just looked at him and was like what?!!  Then he proceeded to inform me that animals attack at night and so we would be eaten!  I asked him if tigers would eat us HERE in AUSTRIA ... he just smiled and laughed!  Gotta love the fun comments you get from your students!

Lilian Sophie


Last night, I came back to Vienna, after having a wonderful 2 and a half weeks at home.  It was wonderful seeing my family and friends there.  God has surrounded me with so many supportive people - everyone wanted to be sure I was doing alright in Vienna!  My family was wonderful  and let me entertain quite a bit (including 4 Vienna friends for a week!) - thanks, Mom, Dad, and Randy and Dominic!!  I love being home, but it feels good being back in Vienna, where I know I am supposed to be.  The appartment is really quiet and feels empty, since I've gotten used to being with my family again!  But it was a very welcome sight coming home!!  I love my appartment!! :) 

Mannheim palace - my parents and I went inside it for the first time after having lived there for 24 years!!   There's Mom!
Playing connect four with Dominic was SERIOUS business! It was funny to watch him concentrate super hard on what he was doing! lol Decorating Christmas cookies = Fun times :) 

Grandmommy playing with L…