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long time no read

Sorry for kinda disappearing off the face of blogworld.  November was a fun picture month, but it also left me a bit weary of blogging.  December has been so busy with Christmas parties and school events.  Tomorrow is our last day of school and I couldn't be more happy! 

Felix and I will be flying to Germany tomorrow evening and spend Christmas with my family.  He'll be returning on the 28th (one of us has to be the bread winner) and I'll stay until January 5th.  Sadly, we won't be together to celebrate the New Year, but I will get to see my brother and his family who are coming on the 31st from I have mixed feelings about it all.

Right around Thanksgiving, I got this super sweet letter from one of my students.  I asked her if her teacher helped her with it and she said no.  I love how I am the queen in the middle with a crown on my head!  She even put everybody in their correct seat in my classroom!  

I hope each of you has a very Merry Christmas re…

Day 30 - Self Portrait

To end our the photo challenge month, a self portrait picture was to be taken.  I know this is super late...I got a bit busy with life and then didn't really want to take a self potrait...sometimes I feel funny taking those alone.  But today I've finally decided I've got a few minutes and while I'm at my computer, I'll just snap a quick picture with the webcam (cheating...perhaps a bit!) oh well ...  This has been a fun month.  I've enjoyed finding things to be thankful for and sharing my life with you.  It is a bit of relief though not to have to worry if I brought my camera though! :)
Well, now it's off to our church Christmas party!
Happy 2nd Advent everybody!