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*having a student say it's okay after I apologized for copying things wrong, it was so cute**Fall Festival and seeing the kiddos in a different setting* *Vienna at night* *fun hang out times* *going to bed knowing I can sleep in a bit more than normal*


hearing a student who spoke no English at the beginning of the school year say a sentence
quiet ubahn ride, not many people on it this a.m.
talking to a friend and hearing that she is pregnant!! :)
relaxing night at home after a long day
yummy tacos w/ cheddar cheese!


- fun and not too strenuous day with the kids- birthday cake from a Primary student
- bringing joy to a friend - berry pancakes for dinner, gotta love breakfast for dinner - having a long conversation with Laura

two thirty-three

being able to put Lily down for a nap and getting her up after she was doneholding Levinia's hand and hearing her funny little commentsa final day of Tante Leslie-nesssafe and quick travels back to Viennamy bed


- putting Baby Lily to bed
- watching a German cartoon with Levinia
- bretzels for dinner
- being able to go to bed early
- a great day with family and boyfriend :)


Levinia making me laugh so hard that I had tears in my eyesa snuggly Lilycooking with Lysannfinally catching Granddaddy on the phone
amazing cherry streusel


being awakened by little voices this morning

being called Tante Leslie all day long

getting kisses from Levinia and reading together

hearing Lily's precious laugh and seeing her beautiful smile

having Raclette for dinner


...sleeping in a bit longer this a.m. ...
...eating leftover breakfast foods from a high-school girls sleepover....
...lunch date with MelMac...
...going home early...
...arriving at my brother's house...


hand holding in Primarymail in the real mailbox going to the mall with Petraquiet evening at hometalking to a good friend in the States


[waking up way before my alarm and having some time to snooze and even read in the morning]
[hearing sweet lil laughs as Primary and I walked crazily to lunch]
[strawberry juice]
[running out of minutes and getting my new phone w/ a new plan in the same day!]
[dinner with Felix's family]


a) snoozing a bit longer this a.m.b) a great book to read on the u-bahn c) mango-carrot-apple sauce d) a cozy warm classroom in cold weather! e) a chance to get to know some Austrians better over dinner


- leftover jam oat bars for breakfast - - having a great class period w/ 5th grade talking about how the earth is round and how we orbit the sun, etc. - - being able to call up Laura and just chat for a bit (thanks, Laura!) - - experimenting with an idea for a recipe and it turning out - - learning a new game -


bread with butter and chocolate jimmies - sooo amazingly deliciouslunch with RheaAnne and Felixa nap in the afternoonusing my new dust buster :) skyping with the fam


- not getting stuck in the elevator, I went down this morning and it didn't open for several seconds and I seriously thought I was stuck!!- going to Ikea with Melissa and having a good time together - having some chill time w/ RheaAnne and watching a tv show - being very productive in the apartment! - Bible study tonight with the Austrians ;)


* having a 2nd grader ask me to read another Bible story after I finished re-reading the story we heard in chapel today** watching a student who is very quiet laugh sooo hard! *** fun times with third grade **** a snuggly Primary student ***** another birthday party at night

...two hundred and twenty...

...getting a good bit of planning done today...having our Wednesday elementary potluck lunch ...having a bit more of a laid back day with the munchkins ...a comment on my outfit from a fellow teacher ...celebrating a birthday with taco salad and a fun movie


homemade broccoli cream soupscarves on a windy dayanother good day with the munchkinsa very relaxing eveningmany Ubahn buddies on my way home


celebrating four wonderful months with Felix
realizing anew how blessed I am
waking up to the sound of rain
trying something new with 2nd grade and really liking the outcome
having a really good Monday


- being able to sleep in a bit and waking up before my alarm- lunch with church people - time with Felix - using my German to translate a sermon for the Hunter's church service - coming home and putting comfy clothes on and having time to chill

First Graders view of their teacher

This one is for sure me, not sure about the others though. Jana kept looking at me as she was drawing - I guess I wink a lot! haha
These two are super cute as well :)


Going to an apple farm with the Hunter's Bible StudyA warm campfire on a brisk fall dayA day outdoors filled with fun and new moments - picking potatoes, apples and pumpkinsWatching VCS's talent showFun times with great friends all day long :)


...good day with the kids...productive hours after school birthday dinner ...yummy cookie w/ ice cream ...watching the newest episode of one of my fav. TV shows w/ Whit and Mel


Yesterday, I was challenged to find the GST in my classes, since things are kinda crazy there and I've been having a few rough moments. So today, I took the challenge and this is what I found:
- 5th grade: the students being able to be independent workers and having some extra time to prepare myself for the day - 1st grade: a new student, who understands some English and seems super sweet; being able to be a bit stricter today to enforce some more rules (I don't like doing this!). AND joining them at the end of the day for dance time :) - 4th grade: really good listeners and helpers - Primary: being able to do silly little things with them and having them love every minute! - 3rd grade: this class is brand new as of this week, but so far they seem like really good kids and good listeners. I'm curious to see if they stay as quiet as they have been! - 2nd grade: being content to read and look at books and not being super rambunctious today
I wanna end with a challenge for you…

Random photos

Felix and me at my home in Germany
gotta love jumping on a trampoline ;)
Pretty, poisonous mushrooms we saw in the woods in Germany on a walk
Fall is here!
Beautiful sunset on our way back to Vienna
This is one of the exits at the train station....gotta love it!
I love the no-honking sign when you enter Vienna.


skyping with Laura and watching Julienne and hearing her little soundscalling Leanna and talking to her brieflychange of plans for the evening, but fun times with MelMacpizza for dinnertalking with Felix on the phone at night


- being able to run the whole Vienna Night Run - - having friends to run and be excited about with me - - worship this morning in our staff devos - - speedy day at school and good kids - - ending the day with ice cream -


...beautiful weather
...a call from my mom on the landline! wow! lol pictures of my nieces - I miss them!
...hearing fellow teachers say they missed me
...riding my bike


having Felix in church and meeting all the people there
hearing and seeing my Dad preach
yummy biscuits and eggs for Sunday breakfast - a Kidd tradition
a travel buddy home ;)
tissues...esp. when you have a runny nose!


1. pancake and eggs bfast
2. amazing weather to show Felix around Heidelberg
3. catching up with people at church
4. jumping on a trampoline
5. watching The Emperor's New Groove with the whole family and extended family tonight! :)


- getting beautified in the beauty salon this morning....nothing like getting pampered :)
- eating some of my favorite German rolls
- driving a sweet car that we borrowed from someone in order to all go to the woods here - it was an automatic convertible, but we kept the top up, it's kinda too chilly for that!
- walking in the woods and enjoying each other's company
- eye drops for those itchy eye moments like I had tonight!


...arrival at home with Felix... time with the family and winning and that with thinking I was gonna loose...

...a drive to the airport...

...chapel with the kids, it's fun to be in a different setting with them...

...a breakfast bud this morning...