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2 months

So this is a bit late, but most have seen Z's picture on facebook for her 2nd month.  She has learned so much {again}! :) She can smile and laugh at you and in response to you.  She's cooing and squealing more and more.  Very slowly, she's learning to grab things - a favorite is hair while fussing from hunger {not to fun for this mama}.  She has learned to grab and pull a thing that plays music in her jungle gym.  So fun!  She can roll onto her right side and tries to roll onto her tummy from there, but hasn't done it yet.  Her left side does not interest her quite as much, so I hung her music thingie on that side to get her going that way as well.  Sneaky, huh?  {Thanks, Moms, for the tip!}

This weekend we are taking our first little trip away.  Friday is a holiday so we had out tomorrow!  We'll be staying near this beautiful city:
Sadly, it's supposed to be quite cold and perhaps even snow this weekend.  We shall see.  I hope we can still enjoy the lake and …

A Fall Tradition

For the past few years, we've visited an Apfelhof (apple orchard) with our church family.  The first year we went, Felix and I were just dating, sadly the next year we couldn't go, last year we went as a married couple and this year we went as a family!
It was a beautiful, warm day.  Zoey did a great job being outside for most of the day.  She actually slept a lot afterwards ... all that fresh air. :)  We got to pick apples, drink fresh pressed apple juice, eat potatoes from the farmer's field, and pick out a pumpkin and butternut squash (recipe ideas are welcome - I know I want to make pumpkin soup).  I love going and being out in the country and just having a day with our church family.  It was a wonderful, fun, fall day!  I love that going there has become a fall tradition for us.

To see more pictures, hop over here and check out another blog post about the day.