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one day...

...I hope things will slow down. Today I got the feeling like the world was going to cave in soon. It feels a bit better now, but this next month is going to be crazy. I'm moving this weekend. Finishing school in 20 days. Getting married in 30!! These are all good things, but overwhelming when you put them all together. Here's a brief glimpse into what's been going on in my life...

Buying: things for the apartment
Considering: how the move this weekend will go and how long it will actually take
Cooking: lucky if I have time for this! I did cook Thai pizza w/ my roommate on Monday though.
Eating: Happy Noodle
Googleing: hum, haven't done much of this lately!
Learning: that I have so very much to learn about life
Listening: to the German song, Ich bin bei dir (I am with you) - it helps me calm down and remember who is on my side and carrying me through it all!
Loving: unexpected family time and the thought of having the whole family together in just a few short weeks!

A laugh and short update

I decided to play memory with Primary today. I like having days when you can play games with the kids and see them in a different setting. While we were playing, I asked one student, when he was moving back to Mongolia. He answered and then I said something like, "That's sad." The little girl closest to me, looks at me and says, "Jesus is with you." I thought it was so adorable!! She made me laugh. :)

I've been back in Vienna for 3 days after a whirlwind trip to the States to attend my Grandfather's funeral. It's good being back and being able to work on wedding plans again. Jetlag is a struggle at the moment though ... and there is so much to do, that life is a bit stressful right now. I'll be moving in about a week and that will help with some of the stress level, but I am looking forward to the day when life calms down a bit. Maybe in 36 days ....

A leap over the big pond

Yesterday, I once again traveled over the big pond. Minus being worried about getting my suitcase off the conveyor belt due to almost every other suitcase still being on (I think the Europeans on the flight got stuck in customs - I've never seen such a full and clogged conveyor belt before in all my many travels), everything went pretty smoothly. The travelling started very early. I got picked up at 5 a.m. - my dear fiancĂ© picked me up! It was wonderful!! I finally made it after three flights to Roanoke, VA. My brother-in-law picked me up and now I am in Martinsville with them and not able to sleep after 5:30 a.m. Lovely! Today, Laura and I will drive to Memphis for our Grandaddy's funeral. It will be fun having this time together, but it is a long trip (10 1/2 hours). I'm looking forward to our family time together and to celebrating and remembering Grandaddy's wonderful life. The funeral will be tomorrow and then on Wednesday, Laura, my parents, and I dri…