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*More Quotes*

A Primary student had a birthday this past Monday. Now, she keeps referring to her birthday as her happy birthday. If she shows a present, it's from her happy birthday. If she talks about the party, she talks about her happy birthday party! So funny!

I have a window in my classroom that is more like a whole wall - it's soo wonderful! You see right out to the busy street and subway station, so there's lots to observe. A student was looking out one day and says, "It's like a TV." And then we laughed about turning it off with an invisible remote. :)

One day, I walked into 1st grade wearing pin striped pants and a blue sweater with a matching necklace and one of the girls says, "Wow! You look beautiful!" It made my day!

- four months -

A confession...

...I'm a juice-aholic! ;) Can you tell?

Don't you wish you were at our staff retreat to enjoy these? :)