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Happy New Year!
There is much to be thankful for in this past year and much to look forward to in this new year.
Some things I am really excited about for 2011 are:
- a full year of marriage (as opposed to half in 2010) and getting to know Felix more and more
- seeing my nieces (two I have not met!)
- skiing with the Kidd and Ring family (sadly only parts of both)
- celebrating one year of being married in June
- time with my sisters this summer
- growing closer to the Lord
- developing relationships with people here
- watching my students learn and grow

I am excited to see what God will do and what all we will experience in this new year, 2011.
Happy New Year, everyone! May the Lord richly bless you!!

Evangeline Noelle Shanks

Born on Christmas Day
Congrats, Laura, Andrew and Julienne!
YAH for sisters!! Cannot wait to meet this little sweetie!
Merry Christmas!!

a visit from Robert

Robert came to Vienna on business and we really enjoyed having him with us for two nights! We took him to some of the Christmas markets. Our time together went by much too fast though!


I was able to chaperone 4/5th grade on their field trip to the Christmas Market. We even had snow to make it more Christmasy, which was fun, but got very cold!! The three lovely ladies in the front were in my group and were very easy to keep an eye on. A couple of the boys wanted to hop into the picture and shortly thereafter the battery died! Glad I got one good one though.


Primary needed a sub right during one of my classes, so I took my student in and had her read to them. All of them really enjoyed it - she even wanted to go back the next day!

A Korean evening

One of our families invited another teacher and me over to learn how to make Korean food. Here are some pictures!

Here we are learning how to roll a kimbap. Not that easy, but very tasty!!

Don't be fooled by the serious expressions, our students were very excited to have their teachers in their home! :)

The other delicious dishes that the mother made for us!! It was such a treat!

a cookie baking day

I think we're ready and have all we need! :)

the results of the day ... and of someone's creativity!

mystery package

We got a box in the mail and I was not expecting what was inside!! Thanks, Leanna, for our beautiful ornament!! Yah, for our first Christmas together!!


I was helping my 2nd grade student correct her poster that is all about her and I saw this: Isn't that so sweet? It's great how kids can teach us. What a great reminder that each of us is special to God! And this is the reason why Jesus was born! Merry Christmas!!


Birthday pie for the birthday boy! It sure was tasty! I need to learn how to beautify the pie topping though!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas .....

When it snowed at the beginning of this week, I had to make paper snowflakes! I LOVE making them. It's an obsession! :)

Time to pull out the Merry Christmas sign! :)

The kids colored these for our bulletin board - a few more need to be colored.