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~ waking up to amazing sunshine and birds chirping!~ yogurt and granola ~ making an easy and quick lunch ~ a day with Felix ~ going to our first premarital counselling


- having Felix back in Vienna!!- - skyping with my cousin, parents and brother - - getting some cleaning done! :) - - being able to wear these again because of warmer weather - - having time to make this -


...being able to sleep in a little bit longer (esp. when last night was not a very restful night of sleep, not sure why)... skating with the kids... afternoon to get work down, since we had a half day today... ...dinner at the pretzel restaurant... ...Felix comes home tomorrow and he called me last night!...


- sun that actually warms us, the kids were not wearing coats during recess!- watching a movie about a snowman with 1st and Primary - having a buddy while going to the eye doctor (thanks, Montoya!) - a nice, long email from Felix (he's in Italy at the moment on "business" - lucky him!) - gmail chatting with two dear friends (it was fun, Sharon + Joanna - miss you, girls!)


- watching the Olympics- eating Oreos - good night with an Austrian friend - doing handcrafts with Petra with two of our classes today - SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


dinner made by Felix's sister finding a warm place, despite the lack of heat on the entire level of the school where my classroom is! one-on-one lunch time with a co-teacher talking to a new ELL volunteer finally having my headache go away!

349 ice skating day(a bit stressful though)... ...playing games with all the third graders... ...getting a yes for a question, i thought would get a no... ...International Family Fun Night... ...having Felix and my students be together in one place...


-) having one of my students tell me that she prayed for me during chapel when they were supposed to choose someone that they want to honor and pray for them.-) snow melting, so I'm hoping that means spring is coming! -) good skype conversations -) my roommate made dinner -) short staff meeting


* finding a place for our reception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* having them give us a dinner on the house to taste what their kitchen is like :) YUM! * laughs throughout the day * playing bingo with Primary * sunshine today!! Actually seeing the sun was AMAZING! :)


a) clean sheets on my bedb) time to do a load of laundry c) meeting new people at a Bible study d) fun day with the kids e) 1 1/2 hours this afternoon all to myself :)


sun was out until about 5:30!!
good talk with my director
some quiet time after school before heading out to meet Felix and a photographer to talk wedding pictures
a salad and bagel for dinner
time to read in the Ubahn


a day with Felix running errands and meeting up with a photographer finally buying some furniture for the apartment, after looking and thinking for a LONG time! :) being able to share about my life and God's provisions in Bible Study tonight Schnitzel for lunch a comfy bed calling my name at the end of a long day


-beautiful snow covered river- -good parent meeting- -an idea to help the various levels of one of my classes- -good day with the kiddos- -Thai Peanut Chicken for dinner-

~Engagement pictures~

Thanks, Tricia, for great pictures!!


yummy salad for dinner
talking to my Germany family on the phone
a new plan for teaching (more to follow later)
a fun necklace to wear to school
going to bed a bit earlier than normal!


a) pretty snow while walking to schoolb) a good and fast Monday with the Kinder c) hearing some of my beginner English kids speaking a lot of English d) relaxing evening e) realizing once again how blessed I am


touring around Vienna with a friend
warm hot chocolate
many laughs and great talks
talking through God's promises in Psalm 91 in Bible Study tonight
not too cold of a day to be outside


- shopping with friends- arrival of a friend i haven't seen in years! - learning a new-ish game - looking at pictures - another great day of break!


skyping with my cousin, Luke, whose in the hospital (last week, he got a bone marrow transplant). it was great talking to him and being able to laugh together!a fixed necklacehaving time to clean! :)crockpot dinner a lowkey day


.getting some things done around the house. ..good talks.. ...borrowing movies from a friend... ....another day of BREAK.... .....starting my day with a friend with this.....


seeing this in the morning - all the love and water has finally paid off! very exciting!skiing with friends :) so many memories flood back and they make me miss my family!
good weather for skiing, still a bit cold, but it could have been a whole lot worse!
safety while driving to the slopes - i got to be the driver (driving to new places and here in Austria makes me nervous, but it really wasn't bad!)
the feeling of tired muscles and being clean after a long day of doing something your body is not used to....


sleeping until I woke up with no alarm!walking in the brisk airhaving some time to sit and close my eyes ... not nap, but brief little eye breaks :)banana bread ice skating here: