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a new week

24 weeks. Thankfully the hip pain has left! YAY! I continue to have this bleh feeling. It's just not going away. I feel Baby moving lots and it's so wonderful. Zoey comes over almost daily and kisses my bump and strokes it and says baby. I can't wait for her to actually meet her little sister! It's going to be such a sweet meeting! 
 Zoey is 20 months old now. Hard to believe she's so close to two!! She's saying more and more words, making lots of animal sounds and starting to figure out different things she can do with her body - dance moves, spinning and spinning and spinning, a tiny little hop off the ground (or not even OFF the ground!). She's such a funny little girl. I'm so thankful for our little sunshine. Out of the blue, she's started to get clingy and need me more often than earlier. It's odd to have her snuggle up to me because people she doesn't see often are around. Makes me wonder what happened to our little outgoing girl ...…

a little check in on life over here

-- We had our "big reveal" on facebook. It looks like we'll be having another little girl! We're thrilled for a little sister for Zoey, plus the bonus of recycling all our baby girl clothes is awesome! But most importantly, baby is healthy and all is looking well!--

-- The weather here has been so great. We've been meeting lots of friends at playgrounds and parks and going for walks. It's fun to be able to play on the playground with Zoey now that she can walk and do things! But also very tiring for this pregnant mama! --
 -- We've been doing lots of house things ... looking at doors, fences, different types of floors, kitchen appliances, etc. Next WEEK, they will start the digging part of building the house and then the following week, the basement will be built!! YAY, things are finally getting started!! So curious to see how all this is going to go. We stopped some new neighbors and introduced ourselves and let them now things will be starting soon…