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Fall Fun

Once again, way too much time has gone by and this poor little blog has left untouched for far too long. So embarrassing! I just don't feel like there's more to say. Life is busy with my two little ones. Evenings I'm tired and don't feel like writing and no idea what to write about.  

Here's just some random things that come to mind:

- we've been in our home for over a year now! Sunday was our one year anniversary. Crazy how fast a year has gone. And amazing how long this year has been.

- Our littlest one is slowly have more better nights than worse! Shocking, I know! So great. It doesn't mean that she is any easier during the day though. Oh well, wait, yes she semi is, but not always. She is still as stubborn as all get out and is not always a happy camper, but we are getting there!!{Cute story for tonight: I put her to bed and she waved and blew a kiss to her sister as a goodnight}

-  Our big girl is talking loads these days and it's so fun to hear …