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Book Sneeze

My friend told me about Book Sneeze. You sign up and agree to write a review on a book and post it on a blog and a consumer website. You then get to decide what book you want and they send it to you for free (even if you live overseas!) and you get to keep the book! I decided to try it out. This week, I got my first book and am starting a new blog just for book reviews. Here's the link.

Let me know if anyone wants to try it! :)

kid moments

This week we read and wrote animals riddles in 2nd grade. Here is one of them.
Apparently, my eyelashes are like a horses! Not sure if that's a good or bad thing! lol

Here are two cute stories - enjoy!
* After being called Miss Kidd by one of my first graders, another one says: "You tricked him!" Yes, the only reason I changed my name was to trick people! lol

* My third graders were drawing missing parts to animals and the fish was missing his fins. When I informed the one student that she was missing fins on her fish, she said, "I don't know this. I only find fish on the plate!"


Saturday events

Today I decided to try to try something my mom has been making for years for the first time. I was pretty excited about it and I think I did pretty good.

I came across this really cool looking recipe and I decided to give it a try. Sadly, I messed up a bit, but it's still interesting...not grand...oh well.

This is the part about cooking that gets annoying, especially when it's too full and you can't add anything! :)

Here's another quick look to life here
*Buying: Birthday cards and being sad at the selection they have here
*Considering: how to take the test results from my kids and implant things to help fill their gaps
*Cooking: focaccia and not being successful
*Eating: potato soup from the crockpot - yum!
*Googleing: places to send boxes from in Vienna and their opening hours on Saturdays
*Learning: that sometimes recipes don't work out like they should :(
*Listening: to the music from the musical Rebecca
*Loving: my new niece, Miriam, and seeing her on skype and faceb…

first cold and sore throat of the school year

and this is only the third week of school. but no worries, i have the soft tissues...

Gotta love IKEA

and their great pictures!

Miriam Sheppard

was born yesterday around 3:20 pm. She weighs 7 lbs and 8 oz and is 21 inches long. I so wish I could be there and meet this little bundle of joy! I am so thankful for facebook and magicjack! They have been making this being away bit so much better! Congrats, Leanna and Nathan! So excited for you and wishing I could be there to celebrate your precious baby girl! Kisses to Baby Miriam!

Now I have four nieces and another one due in December! Wonder when the boys will join our ranks....

while reading w/ a 2nd grader,

we read this phonics card. She read ring and then said, like you! I go from one commonly read word to another - it's great!! :)