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Homemade Cranberry Sauce!

My friend, Joanna, bought cranberries and on the back of the bag there was a recipe for making cranberry sauce .... so I got the job of making it. It turned out really, really good!! Never knew it could be so easy to make!!

Oh, the drama in 2nd grade!!

This is a conversation I had with one of my second graders this week: Max: Can I tell you something?
Me: Yes. (what else would I say?)
Max: I have three girlfriends - Sarah, Mary, and Jane.

**The names have been changed to save the "innocent".**

Tonight's Interesting Encounter

I came home quite a bit later than normal, but if I hadn't I would never have had my noteworthy experience in the elevator. I entered our appartment complex right behind an elderly Jewish man (FYI we live in a Jewish neighborhood, so quite often we see Jewish people).  This man was very friendly, he smiled at me and motioned me to enter the elevator before him.  While we were in the elevator in very broken German, he asked if this was home and then after my reply pinched my cheek and then kissed his fingers that had just touched my cheek and said something I could not understand - maybe Hebrew?! It was soo funny.  I just about died laughting!  Of course, I didn't until he left the elevator!
Last week in second grade, we were talking about the word huge.  One of my students was like: "Oh yea, like you know, Apple is huge!"  Would you have any idea what Apple Top is??  Well, neither did I double checked and asked what he talking about.  His response was the same.  Later on, during tutoring he asked his sister what Apple Top wasin English.  He asked in Korean and just said Apple Top w/ a Korean accent.  It was soo funny!  Finally, his sister was like oh yea and then they asked if they could draw it for me - this was the result:
(Who would have thought?!  Eiffel Tower = Apple Top!  WOW!) Later on, I said thank you in Korean and he and his said said that I had good sound when speaking Korean!  This made me feel quite proud of my 5 months in Korea! 
After a long day of school, this is how Petra (the German teacher) and I feel!  FYI, we were waiting on our kids and took a super brief power nap while standing!