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June 19, 2010

A couple of favorite pictures from Stacey - thanks for taking such great pictures!


Buying: fresh fruits from the market by my apartment
Considering: all the ins and outs for the wedding
Cooking: enchiladas with real cream of chicken soup and cheddar cheese - a novelty!
Eating: fresh strawberries w/ sugar
Googleing: exchange rates
Learning: how loud the birds chirp at the new apartment in the morning at 4:30
Listening: to music ideas for the wedding
Loving: my apartment and the thought of it being our place very soon
Planning: what to do w/ my days now that school is over
Reading: the Bible
Watching: when I have a chance - The Office
Wearing: skirts and flipflops
Wishing: that my family was getting here sooner! :)
Thankful: to have such a wonderful man to plan our wedding with - I love him so very much!
Writing: report cards
Hoping: that even the small things come together nicely for the big day

^_^ More laughs in Primary ^_^

Today, Burney said, "Miss Kidd, can I marry you?" I smiled and said, "Sorry, Burney, I'm already getting married and very soon, too!!"

He makes me laugh ... he tells kids and teachers almost on a daily basis that he loves them or they are cute. Just the other day, one little girl complained that Burney always tells her that she is cute. Burney's response was, "Well, she is!" And this is in Primary - what will he be like when he is older?! I wonder sometimes...