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In 3rd grade, we learned about farms and there were some random songs at the end of our chapter. Some of them I knew and others I did not. I told my students we could make up a song and then Frank decided HE wanted to make up HIS OWN song ... so here ya go! It makes me laugh soo much!! Frank is from Holland and I teach his two sisters as well. Hope this brightens your day! My favorite part is when he gets super high at the end! What a silly kid!

Staff Retreat

This weekend, VCS had a staff retreat for all the workers at the school. There were 67 people there ... we drove up to Lindabrunn, which is about one hour away. There is a really nice sport center up there - the Austrian national soccer team trains there sometimes. It's very famous here in Austria. The campus was amazing - so many green soccer fields! The housing was very nice as well, set up w/ a gym, bowling alley, little cafe, sauna, and whirlpool. We were able to used them all. It was incredible! Saturday night, we had a "Not so talented" Talent Show. Four of the teachers and I lip-synced and choreographed to a song from a movie based on the 80's. It was soo much fun! After the talent show, we took a few album cover shots, here are two of them! Enjoy!!


Eight of us teachers went to a Medieval Festival going on in Bratislava. It was lots of fun and sooo hot! Here are a few pictures of our time there: The Blue Church - can you figure out where the name came from?
The view from the top of the hill, where the fortress is.
Whitney and I found a Bratislavan that we REALLY wanted to take home!

Week # 2

Here are some pictures of my students ... hope you enjoy them!
This is my Primary class.
These are my three first graders.
This my biggest class - fourth grade ... fun times!!

More to come later....week 2 of teaching went well, very, very busy though. I'm really enjoying my students. I still am not in my classroom teaching the kids ... hopefully sometime this week or the next. It will be nice to have a place to go with them and not just have to stay in their classrooms.