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Goldie Locks and the Bears

Every March ICSV has book month.  We have book reading races, a battle of the books, reading day, book character party, and a Primary through 2nd grade opera.  This year they performed Goldilocks and 3 Bears.  

 I loved all the cute little flowers and trees :)

more book characters :)

water comics

My one class had to make water comics.  Here's what they came up with:  
BTW, these are based on true stories! :)

Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Spice Cookie

A dear friend showed me a recipe blog this week and promptly found a recipe I HAD to make!!  They turned out really good!!  Enjoy!

Here's where you can find the recipe.  I didn't use allspice, since I don't think you can get it here.  Instead, I used a tiny bit of nutmeg.  Seemed to taste fine to me!

look at this!

We made it on the wall of a subway stop!  This is 4 stops before our school.  Pretty cool huh?

what's baking?

Recently, I've really enjoyed baking. Almost every week, I've baked a cake or muffins. It's so much fun! Here's this week's bake: Early on in the week, I bought bananas and of course we weren't fast enough in eating them. A friend's blog was recently about a banana muffin recipe and it looked so tasty that I decided we'd have to use our sad looking bananas and make banana muffins on the weekend. Friday night, I made the batter and then Saturday morning, all I had to do was put them in the muffin tin ... super easy!! They were sooo tasty - I highly can recommend using this recipe for your spotty bananas!
Felix really enjoyed them, too. This is definitely a recipe to keep ... enjoy! I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow to eat them again! :)

Cirque du Soleil

Last night, Felix and I went to Cirque du Soleil and it was INCREDIBLE!  I loved it!  If you have a chance to see them, they are totally worth it.  The acrobats, performances, props, and costumes were amazing!!  It was such a great show...I was sad when it was over! :)

Book Character Party

Every March is book month for the elementary students. One of the events is a party where everyone gets to dress up from a character in a book. It's always fun to see how creative some of the kids and teachers get!! We all get together and everyone gets to share who they are and then the judges choose who the top #5 winners are. I got to be a judge this year and it was not easy picking the best ones! After the prizes are passed out, we all go to our lunch room and eat cake (or this year cupcakes) that have been decorated according to the theme of the party. This year the theme was non-fiction, so we had "dirt"+worm cupcakes with edible grass and bug cupcakes. We, teachers, had fun decorating them the night before.

A Day with Luisi

Sunday afternoon, Felix and I watched our friends' 3-year-old daughter, Luisi, for a few hours. Her mom is pregnant and not feeling well and her dad had a meeting, so we got to hang out with her! :) We had a blast, as you can see in our pictures!

When she first came, she was fascinated by the Danube River. It was so cute - she crawled right under our drying rack ('cuse the laundry please!) and enjoyed the view!

We took her to a playground in our neighborhood, fed the swans, and strolled around for a bit.

Then we had to make do of our non-childproof apartment for some time.

When her daddy came to pick her up, she had to show him the view, too! :)
Before they left, Luisi says: "Do you  have anything for me, like a Kinderhegenschirm (a children umbrella said with an H instead of an R)?"  We got a good laugh out of that! ;)