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Awkward silence

Well, this is embarrassing...can anyone else relate to that awkward silence that sometimes takes place in conversations?  What do you say to fill the emptiness?

Or when a friendship experiences a break of communication and it's just been too long...what do you say to start the communication again?  What do you say for the long absence that took place?

I don't know what to say except sorry.  It's been WAY too long.  I should have written a long time ago.  We've been back from the US for a month now.  Life has been super, super busy.  I've been playing catch up for a while now ... after we got back from the States (on a Thursday), that following Monday Zoey and I flew to Germany and were there for a week.  The weekend after we got back, we had a church retreat that lasted until Monday.  So this is the first week that we are actually home the whole week!  The next trip will be a week to Germany to visit with my family again and my sister-in-law and her girls that wil…