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Someone is 3 months!

I can't believe Zoey has been a part of our family for three whole months!  The time is just whizzing by.  She's so fun and brings many smiles and laughs into our home.  This month she's learned to play with various sounds and "talk" to you with cooes and "grr".  She's able to entertain herself for a good amount of time.  She's been taking super short naps {power naps ... annoying because I can't get much done during that time}.  She's just starting to laugh out loud a's so fun!  Smiles are given every day quite often {they make me melt a bit inside}.  She sleeps 5-7 hours when she first goes to bed {so very nice, if only I would learn to go to bed earlier though}.  That little bald spot that babies have is still quite present on the back of her head.  Rolling over from her tummy to her back happens on occasion {when she feels like doing it} and back to tummy has only happened a few times.  Her neck though is super strong a…