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Happy 1st Advent!

For the past 18 years (I think), Felix and his classmates have been getting together to make Advent wreaths. This year, I was able to join! I've never made one before, but I think it turned out pretty good. I'm not 100% happy with the huge candles, but I had a TERRIBLE time finding the right color and size ... guess this will have to work.

Hard to believe Christmas is in less than 4 weeks!

- this and that -

- buying -
Christmas and Birthday gifts
(Felix's birthday is this week!)
- considering -
what the next meal should be
- cooking -
an almond/butter bar (not sure what the English term would be)
- eating -
- googleing -
how much a stick of butter is
- learning -
how to pop wax out of their glass (stick it in the freezer! Thanks, Leanna for the tip!)
- listening -
to Christmas music!!!
- loving -
Christmas time
- planning -
how to make the apartment Christmasy
- reading -
Same Kind of Different as Me (only off and on though)
- watching -
While you were sleeping
- wearing -
a hoodie and comfy pants
- wishing -
I could hold baby just isn't enough!
- thankful -
for a sweet hubby
- writing -
Christmas cards
- hoping -
Felix and I will be healthy soon

Veggie Tales

someone obviously watches a bit of Veggies Tales. My student kept talking about them as we talked about vegetables in class! :)

sweetened condensed milk

comes in a tube here! I think this is a new thing here! Very exciting!

a few Hawaii favorites

...amazing weather
...seeing a rainbow (often even a double one) almost every day
...hearing Hawaiian
...beautiful beaches and turquoise water
...snorkeling (even though it still kinda freaks me out!)
...quality time with my hubby
...palm trees
...delicious fruits
...a very small plane ride from one island to another
...seeing all the different sides of Hawaii - rainforest, dry land, lush green, beautiful beaches, lava!! It was so incredible seeing how diverse one single island can be!

More to follow!!!