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someone has found her tongue

and is loving it! :)

our walk today

Today we had beautiful weather  -  so warm and sunny!  It was heavenly.  Baby Z took a nice long nap, while I took a nice long walk.  :)  I took some pictures of our stroll ... I love where we live!


Happy weekend everyone! Hope you have some fun plans ahead of you.  Ours are not too exciting.   Well, tonight was exciting.  We went to my old school and saw Suessical the Musical.  It was so great!!  I wiped up a batch of Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread {recipe here} when we got home ... can't wait to try it tomorrow! Tomorrow hubby will gone for most of the day {but we get the evening together!}, so baby and I may visit a friend...make stuff like that. Sunday we have a family birthday party to go to.  That means yummy food and snuggles for baby.  All in all a good weekend ahead, especially with this sweet face to look at, kiss and play with!


Before I know it, this little hand will be wanting these:

another month

---I am afraid it's happened again---
---somehow blogging has taken a backseat in my life---
---for this I apologize---
---maybe a New Year's resolution should be to blog more---
---anyways, here is what Baby Z has been up to--- We have had five wonderful months together!  Hard to believe it's already been that long!   It is truly amazing how much she has learned and is able to do.   Her smiles and laughs brighten our days!  I love being greeted in the morning with a huge smile and her little baby talk.  Being a mommy is truly wonderful {and a bit tiring}.  I have also been doing a bit of baking these days.  I decided to try to just bake bread from now on and not buy it...we'll see if this turns out to be cheaper or not.  I think it should.  Here is the link for the yummy bread I've been making {}
We had friends over for dessert the other night and this was on the menu:
If you want to try a new yummy and…