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Monday Gratitude on Tuesday # SEVEN

I'm sorry that my blog has turned into a once a week, not so exciting blog post. My two littles are just keeping me a bit busy and I don't feel like there's much to report. We live life. We play. We read. We sleep. We eat. Nothing exciting ...

But nonetheless, here's my list of things I am grateful for:

- a husband who is so very patient with me and the kids
- a little girl who has had a great start on potty training, today is the first day and so far no accidents! YAY! So proud of her!
- A has been going to sleep better on her own - always exciting!
- yesterday we were able to get some bookshelves! I look forward to being able to unpack a few more boxes, once they are built.

Guess that's it for now. Have a great week!!

Monday Thankfulness # 6

It's Monday. Again.

How did that happen?

Today started off normal. Had a strange inbetween. Then ended up normal again.

I'll spare you the details though.

I'm thankful for...

...babies that sleep past 7 and sometimes even past 8! I enjoy sleeping "late"!

...a walk with my sister-in-law to the store and around our neighborhood.

...frozen biscuits that I was able to make and freeze a few weekends ago.

...a quiet evening when all babies sleep.

...a note in my mailbox informing me that my Crocs order was to be delivered, but since I was out, is ready to be picked up!!

...some successful online cloth-diaper-second-hand-shopping!

...a washing machine that cleans those cloth diapers of ours.

...a husband that puts Z to bed.

...magic jack that makes my parents just a phone-call away and that for dirt cheap!

The End!

What are you thankful for today???

Monday Gratitudes {5} and some pictures

Hum. I missed last week. Whoops. 
Here are some things I'm grateful for today: -medicine and doctors for my little sick girlies -hubby coming home tonight after being gone for a few days -happy little girlies, despite being sick -a warm home in all the crazy wind we've been experiencing -helping hands while hubby is gone -a sister-in-law next door to help pass some hours while our guys are gone
Onto the pictures of our past few weeks: