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I tried a new recipe and it turned out pretty good! Felix really liked it, so that's good! Thanks, Lea, for my wonderful pink and white Better Homes and Garden Cookbook!

First Day of School

with our new name :)

and in the new classroom!

These are from my sweet husband...

...for our two month anniversary! :)

...because my bike was stolen. My first brand new one!

My poor cell phone

Yesterday, Felix and I met up in the Ubahn (subway - for the non Deutsch speakers out there) to go to our friends' apartment. I tried to save him the seat next to me by placing my bag there, but some lady who was not content to sit in the perfectly empty seat across from me had to sit right beside me. So I quickly grab my things and get situated - thinking sheesh!

Several stops later, Felix enters and sits across from me. As I'm putting away our iTouch and trying to juggle my huge bag (it had a big game in it) and cell phone ... the cell phone started to slip and I remember thinking, I should try to catch it, because the floor is nasty, but I just can't do that right now. Felix and I both leaned to get it and realize, it had gotten stuck between the seat and the wall. We were still able to see it, but the slot to get it was so thin nothing we had would have gotten it out. We tried and tried until finally it was laying on it's back in there and out of reach. The…

So, I tried something new ....

homemade poptarts .... yum!! The jam ones got a bit messy. Nutella is the middle row and cinnamon sugar top row. Here's the recipe - her's are much prettier than mine!