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A new normal

Most of you probably know ... you've seen on facebook or instagram. But it's time to announce on the blog that Baby #2 is on the way!! This is why there's been a very long silence {ahem, sorry about that}, but my new normal involves feeling sick, sick, sick and not having much energy. I'm at that fun stage of pregnancy where I'm losing weight. Food is not a favorite right now, but absolutely essential for feeling better.

I have THE best husband who has taken on both of our roles and is making our meals. He's been going into work early, so he can come home early. He is loving and serving us soo well right now. I am so blessed!

Poor Z has struggled a bit with our new normal. I think she's slowly getting used to it. But she wasn't all too thrilled about Mommy taking less care of her. Poor baby! She's gotten super sweet about snuggling a while with me in the morning and after nap time ... I love our snuggles. She is still learning though that pushing …