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Our newest family member:

...what the new ring is up to...

Buying: broccoli for broccoli salad
Considering: how life has changed and how wonderful it is :)
Cooking: breakfast pizza
Eating: leftover candy that were in wedding gifts
Googleing: Hawaii
Learning: how much work is involved in changing your name
Listening: to the music from the Carl and Ellie scene in UP
Loving: being married to Felix
Planning: time with friends, since Felix is at work all day and I'm not working yet
Reading: people's blogs
Watching: Glee
Wearing: pink toe nail polish
Wishing: that there were more hours in the day
Thankful: for God's rich blessings - husband, family, home, work, etc....
Writing: Ring on forms :)
Hoping: that our weekend at his grandma's cabin is fun and relaxing!

Back in Vienna

Felix and I arrived in Vienna this past Saturday, after a little over three weeks in the States. We had a wonderful time there. We enjoyed a week at the beach - just us! And then visiting family all over the States. We laughed and commented on how much of America he was seeing and how much we were flying over and missing out on! Leaving was hard. With two pregnant sisters and an adorable niece, saying goodbye just gets more and more difficult. I keep thinking one day it will not be so bad, but I have yet to experience that. My sisters were so wonderful the whole time, too - taking us places, letting us borrow their cars, planning a wonderful reception, making sure we were well taken care of! It was great to have more time with them and Felix, since pre-wedding was one crazy time and not very conducive to real in-depth getting to know each other! It was fun to see them getting along and goofing off with each other. He fits in real nicely! ;)

Now, we are back and are busy, y…