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reconnecting with almost every immediate family member and seeing my lil nieces!! (sorry, Laura, I tried calling you though!) :)  

waking up to the beating sound of rain, I love that sound 
meeting up with friends that I haven't seen in almost a year and watching them enjoy Vienna for the second time in 30ish years 

dinner being a success...sometimes I worry about that
being able to sleep until I wake up (as my Mom says)


...great and encouraging talk with Beth...
(thanks, Beth!) 
...using a new umbrella...
...getting my grading done... night with friends...
...not struggling too bad with jetlag during the day...


- going to the Aquarium with 3rd and 4th grade and seeing God's beautiful creation- seeing how excited the kids were after coming back - catching up with friends - getting a note from one of my students that said this:  Dear Miss Kid I love you so much. you are good techer.  :)  - short chat with Granddaddy


1. Just sitting and holding hands with Granddaddy ... enjoying one another's company, but not needing to talk.
2. Getting Granddaddy in the sun - who knows when the last time that was for him!
3. Tax Refund!!!
4. Soaking in the sun while reading
5. Kidd Hamburgers


- another day with Granddaddy :) - seeing a beautiful sunrise
- walking and biking by Lake Washington
- naps throughout the day
- good talks

Happy 80th GST

* holding Granddaddy's sweet wrinkley hands and having him say: "You hands are cold!" or "Your hands are so warm!" and then usually followed by, "Cold hands, warm heart" or vice versa! ;) silly man!
* spending time with God in the sum
* sitting and sogging with GD
* good laughs
* steak, corn on the cob and salad!


1. Having Granddaddy laugh at me and tell me more about his life
2. Walking in an aboretum and seeing God's amazing creation!
3. A phone call from Germany
4. Sleeping through the entire night again!!
5. Cuddle time with sweet puppies :)


...hearing Granddaddy's stories...

...going for a nice long walk with Deb and the dogs...

...sleeping through the night...

...dryer-dried clothes...

...grilled cheese for lunch (or toasted cheese as they call it!)...


super short GST because I'm so tired after getting to Seattle

- seeing Granddaddy!!
- safe travels
- beautiful scenery out of the plane window
- travel buddy for the start of my journey
- falling into bed in a few minutes!


- yummy gelato ice cream 
- permission to leave school early and get things done!
- dinner made by good friends 
- hearing my kids be sad when they realized I was going to be gone ... Frank went all drama on it and was so silly.  He even said he couldn't pray because he was so sad!  goober! :D  
- waking up early on my own and getting things done this a.m.

75 Days

...a walk through beautiful downtown - I love Vienna!!!
...a bday dinner with friends - yummy Schnitzel! :)
...beautiful roses in the Volksgarten
...watching a duck family in a little fountain
...taking fun pictures with the girls


-  beautiful weather, a chance to get some sun :)-  church bells while reading my Bible this a.m. -  a chance to use my gifts -  taking a new friend to church -  time to sit on the balcony 


1.  Today, people from my Bible study went to a "youth"/young people event.  It was really good to get out of the city and then also to be under such godly teaching!  It was a really encouraging time! I'm so glad I was able to go.2.  Sleeping in the car on the way home, I did not have a good night's rest. 3.  Really good worship time during our meeting. 4.  Taking a brief walk in one of the breaks 5.  Almonds, carrots, sandwiches, and gummies for a picnic lunch :) 
I forgot to blog a cute story from yesterday...My third graders and I read a poem about how fire is like a dragon.  So I had them write sentences about a pet dragon.  They had to write My dragon's name is ... My dragon likes to ... My dragon eats ... My dragon is scared of ... Well, one of the boys wrote, My dragon is scared of Miss Kidd!  It was so cute! :)


...grading student tests and seeing that they really are learning...
...dinner with new and old friends...
...walking home part-way and getting there quicker...
...clean classroom...
...planning for next week is almost done...

71 Days of GST

- waking up after a very good night's rest! YAH!- reading circle stories to my classes and watching them react to cute stories - meeting up with Joanna and friends :D - unexpected discoveries! - bedtime at the end of a long day 


1.  Joanna is here!! YAH for college friends!2.  Dinner made by my roomate and chill out time together  3.  Reading to primary  4.  Talking to my sister  5.  All the beautiful plants and flowers in my appartment, I noticed today how many we have - most were gifts! :)  

100th Blog Entry

I wish I had something super creative on this 100th day ... but I'm afraid I do not ... shocker lol.  I do have a 100 story that happened today.  In third grade, we were praying and Frank prayed for my Granddaddy, whose health is not the greatest these days and I'll be visiting him next week.  He prayed that my Granddaddy would feel better and that he would live to be 100 years old.  Julia next to him piped up and said, "Or more!"  So cute! :)  Yesterday was my Grandfather's 95th birthday, so that's someone whose pretty close to being 100!  
69th GST  - dinner with Stacey at one of my favorite restaurants and having a great talk - leaving school right after four!! - rain! - Frank's prayer  - finding fun postcards


1)  talking to my Granddaddy to wish him a Happy 95th Birthday and hearing him say he is excited to seeing me soon2)  flowers on my desk as a thank you ... flowers make me happy :) 3)  Thai pizza for dinner  4)  Ubahn ride dates in the morning 5)  chatting with one of my roommates from last year and getting excited about seeing her this summer!  

67 GST

- I am so thankful for my wonderful mother!  She is always so loving and kind to everyone around her.  Thanks, Mom, for being so godly and amazing!!  Love you sooo much!

- At church today, every woman got a flower:   (not only is this my favorite flower, but also my favorite color!)

- dinner and a show (tv show that is) with Whit, Melissa, Yvonne and RheaAnne
- lunch with a mom and friends
- soaking in some sun!!

- late 66 gst -

- cuddling a sweet little boy while babysitting - good long chat with my mom - helping out last-minute at a kids' carnival - having company on my travels home after babysitting - gorgeous full moon

Einen Gruss vom Knusperhäuschen

Tonight I was invited to a couple from church's Gartenhäuschen or as the man called it Knusperhäuschen (garden house).People in cities do not have yards, so usually in the outskirts of the city there are little plots where gardens can be rented or bought.On this tiny little plot of land, there is usually a very small house.This couple from church told me about theirs a while ago and how they wanted to have me over.So this past Sunday, we finally set up a date and it was for tonight!It was so nice to be in the suburbs of Vienna and to see quiet and real-life neighborhoods that are just skyscrapers!  I miss that ... anyways.It was great to get to know them better and walk around where they lived.We walked around the Wiener Wald (Vienna Woods) and even went into the Lainzer Tiergarten.It's a huge wildlife preserve and you can just walk around enjoy the woods and see what animals there are outthere.It was soo cool - we were walking and then we saw this little guy.It was so neat to…

64th Gst

I thought I would share some picture GST for today ... I don't have pictures for everything so I will start off with the non picture ones.  
- watching the Primary students try to play telephone  or Flüsterpost (for you Deutsch speakers)  ... they are not very good at it! lol
- hearing encouraging news about my Grandfather's health
- tonight was old movie night and we watched this:
(I finished my newsletter while we watched it! YAH!) 
- ate Mac'n'Cheese: 
- got this in the mail from my Mom :)

- 63 Gst -

1.)  my students!  They really are wonderful kids and I hardly ever have any problems with them!  I'm so thankful that I can be here and teach them.  
2.)  unexpected company - good talks, dinner, trying on my dress and watching her be so excited :)  3.)  talk with my sis and Grandfather 4.)  broccoli and carrots 5.)  being able to say no and having an evening at home!

Some recent snapshots

I love this sign :) 

And last, but most definitely not least, here is Cindi's masterpiece.  I asked her to paint something for me, so she came over and I got to watch her paint and even help out here and there!   Just gotta get it onthe wall now.  Isn't it pretty?!  :) 

62 GST

- having a primary student touch my cheeks and tell me I was cute :)  this happened two times today (what a little ladies' man he is!) 

- being asked, "Do you want to stay for dinner?" by a sweet little girl (no worries, I know her and her family!)
- having the sun finally shine through (but it was still fairly cold today!!)
- being on one of the last U-bahns (subways) that made it all the way to school with no delays
- having a pretty flexible schedule so that I could help out a friend in need

One and sixtieth day of GST

* Amazingly delicious pumpkin cookies in my box this morning! (Thanks, Amanda and Carrie!)
* Staff Appreciation Dinner tonight...bitter-sweet moments there
* Yogosan yogurt from Lidl 
* Experiencing the loving care and concern from friends 
* Surviving a Monday with minor difficulties


- talking with family - Bible study at the Hunters and translating :)  - great worship time at church this a.m. - nap after church  - reading a good book


1.  A day to explore outside of Vienna2.  Visiting Melk (abbey) and Dürnstein (castle ruins and quaint little city) 3.  Great laughs with friends 4.  Good weather for being outside, not too hot or cold and some sun :)  5.  Apfelstrudel in Dürnstein

Achtundfünfzig or Fifty-eight

I cannot tell you how thankful I have been for our May Day Holiday.  It has been wonderful having an extra day off.  All day long, I kept thinking it was Saturday and then the glorious realization would hit me that it is only Friday and I have two more days until school starts up again!  3-day weekends truly are some of my favorites!       Today I was able to sleep in and have a slower paced morning ... always something I enjoy!  I went to the Zoo with four other teachers here.  It was my first time in the Vienna Zoo (one of the oldest zoos in the world!).  I love seeing all the beautiful animals God has created.  Several animals were very active and just fun to watch!  The sun graced us with her presence for most of our time there and at the very end we had to pull out our umbrellas (thankfully, they were packed for the day!).  It was great coming home and being able to relax and enjoy some time off.  I listened to a really good sermon and am going to head to bed early tonight -…