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- good last day with the girls- getting some good deals on a few Christmas decorations - safe travels - being back with Felix - going to sleep in my own lil bed!


* good night's rest and being able to sleep in, especially considering my nieces were next door* * monkey bread breakfast* * excursion with the fam in Robert's new car* * going out to eat chinese food* * watching a DVD from Open Doors and being reminded how blessed we are to experience religious freedom*


- safe travels to Robert and Lysann's- being with my sweet nieces and seeing their darling faces - driving our car :) - reading to Levinia - being with family ... all day! :)


the sun hitting us sitting on the couch this morning ... wonderful feeling! skyping with my cousins, aunt and uncleplaying games with Mom and Dadgood talk with my Mom and time to watch a girlie movie today (she doesn't get that much in her house of two men!)having some time to do some wedding research :)

291 and 292

so last night, I forgot to blog - ooops! so here are ten for yesterday and today!
wonderful Christmas Eve servicegood evening with family and friendsamazing foodseeing dear friends at church making even more Christmas cookiesChristmas morning devos with the fam and Sharonplaying new games Christmas cookiesskyping with America and Austria :) having a wonderful Christmas Day!

290th GST

~ finding some good deals for Christmasy decorations ~ baking Christmas cookies with my mom and Sharon ~ talking to Felix on the phone ~ watching an old Cary Grant movie
~ playing Speed Scrabble


- an honest person returning Felix's cell phone to him (yay, we can still talk while I'm gone!) - getting the rest of my Christmas gifts - a much warmer day! - watching a movie with the parents and Sharon (having Randy there in and out) - Nyquil to help the cold not bother me during the night ....


- trying on wedding dresses with my mom and Sharon - - experiencing the generosity of one of the ladies in our church - - making plans to see an old school friend - - game night - - laptop parties in the living room -


1) Sunday morning biscuit and eggs with the fam 2) seeing dear people at church 3) driving to church 4) beautiful snow and ridiculously cold weather 5) fleece pants after a long day and feeling a bit under the weather


*getting a ride to the airport this morning and even though we got lost, we made it on time!* seeing my family again * phone calls from Vienna <3 * curling up in a warm blanket with a view of the beautiful Christmas tree * decorating Christmas cookies


the start of Christmas break
getting a cool game from Felix for Christmas
laughing together
Christmas parties with the kids
the arrival of Sharon and the joy of knowing that I am going home tomorrow!!


a) fun craft time in Primaryb) wrapping Christmas presents c) Christmas music on my iPod (a wonderful companion while waiting for public transportation) d) cooking a recipe that I haven't done in a long time e) exchanging gifts with my roommate :)


going here w/ 3rd and 2nd gradeevening with Felix, my fiance ;) beautiful snowflakesfinding a table runner that I love and will fit well with the colors that will be in our future living roomFelix doing my dishes!!

CCLXXXII Christmas activities with the munchkins...
...two Christmas parties with two different grades... night with a dear friend... Christmas music to put on my iPod (yay for the free iTunes Holiday Sampler!)...
...getting a Christmas present...


~5th graders congratulating me on getting engaged and having one student ask if he is a Christian~
~having some of 6th grade girls scream and hug me when I told them~
~watching a 1st grader (who has asked me several times in the past why I don't marry my boyfriend) react to my news, her mouth opened and she was so surprised, very cute!~
~all the oohing and aahing over my beautiful ring~
~having 2nd grade work on a craft and while they were doing it they started singing Christmas songs~


- being able to sleep in, since I went to afternoon church - - a relaxing morning/early afternoon with friends and also some alone time - - beautiful day with some sun and flurries - - being able to translate again - - movie night with Felix and girls -

She said yes ...

Yesterday, December 11th, Felix proposed and I said yes! :)


...sharing the good news with people and having one person, whose going through a really hard time say how great it was to hear this! :)
...a sparkle all day long :D
...skyping with both my sisters at once and seeing Julienne (I miss them!)
...going to a Christmas party and telling people about us :)
...morning with Sharon and Joanna


* night with friends* many laughs and smiles
* arrival of Sharon and Joanna
* trying new recipes :)
* having a different class with 5th grade - we made masks out of salt dough

Kids hour...

...well, really it will be more like a few minutes! :) Enjoy!
* Question directed to me: Where is your brill? (Brille is glasses in German, but the funny thing was, he didn't even say it right in German)

* My father worked in a bank and my mother worked in a bank. They met and they got stuck.

* Noah in Primary: Miss Kidd, have you a man? Me: I don't have a husband, but I have a boyfriend. Noah: Do you kiss him? Me: Yes All the Primary boys: EWWWWWWwww! (accompanied by throwing themselves in disgust on the floor!) lol
My fourth graders read a slow song about a slow sloth, so I had them write a fast song about a fast animal. They did a really great job!

I am a kangaroo, a kangaroo, a kangaroo. I live in the bush. But I'm not a ladybug. I run faster than the gingerbread man, he copied my song and it was like this: "Run, run as fas as you can, you can't catch me, I'm a kangaroo man" I run everywhere I want.
I am the fastest animal in Africa. My name is Cheetah. I can run …


- good lesson with 1st grade on adding -s to action verbs with he, she, it
- Felix is finally feeling better and we were able to have some time together today!
- having help picking up a broken, favorite necklace off the kitchen floor (sad times, but I think it can be repaired)
- sunshine today!!!!
- getting a decent amount of work done for next week's lessons


good talk with one of wives here seeing our kids all dressed up for their Christmas concert yummy applesauce waking up and having my headache be gone (this was not the case at 4 in the morning) finally getting my miles card for Airberlin!


a. making Christmas cookies with the kids today

b. the wonderful smell of cookies

c. leftover chili for dinner

d. getting a backrub after feeling tight for a while

e. laughing with Liz this morning while singing Christmas carols :)


.beautiful Sunday. .Christmas party. .going to see the Wizard of Oz with RheaAnne. .being able to make lunch for a sick Felix. .finding a new treasure at the Christmas market.

two hundred seventy-two

amazing sunshine getting lots of cleaning done todayfun times with Melissa browsing cheap stores and finding fun Christmas decorations - i.e. Reiney, we had many a laugh with him today! :) Mel, you gonna upload pics? :) playing bogglehaving some time with a sick Felix and seeing his progress (i stopped by a few times, to bring food and give him some company)


...wonderful staff Christmas party times in Primary
...Friday=jean days!
...singing Christmas songs
...being able to sleep in in the morning!


a. fun night at movie night with the girls with really spicy enchiladas! :) b. comfy clothes after a long day c. a very productive morning before the school day started d. soup for lunch e. reading comments on pictures from Rome


getting tickled by one of my 2nd graders facial expressions!
going here to see the Secondary Concert
being able to cook dinner for Felix on his birthday
talking to a dear friend from college that I haven't talked to in ages


making it through a Tuesday, it was kinda crazy todaywatching Primary have fun with a motion-weather game, they are so cute!a fun talk on the Ubahnhaving a great ideaseeing things come together