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- Monday Gratitude - 4 -

So many things to be grateful for today: - my parents are here for a week long visit! :D YAY!  - snow, snow, snow!  - helping hands for our house projects - mom cooked dinner - relief for baby gums that are teething 

Monday Gratitudes #3

It's Monday. Again! But this Monday is a welcome one.


...Christmas is days away!

I love Christmas. I love all the traditions and being with family. I love giving (and getting) gifts! :)

But despite all the fun and wonderful events that take place around Christmas, it's good to remember what Christmas is truly about. Today, I read in the Advent Reading from John Piper about how miraculous and grand the true meaning of Christmas is - the birth of Jesus Christ. And that is so true! We often get so caught in hubbub of the holidays, that we forget that Christmas is about God becoming man. Christmas is about the ultimate gift being given to mankind. Christmas is about peace being brought to man in a peaceless world. Take time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas!

So here are my Monday Gratitudes:
- hubby has a few weeks off work! YAY for holidays that fall right smack in the middle of the week!
- beautiful, glorious sunshine
- my parents are coming this week!!

Monday Gratitudes Part 2

Here's part 2 for my Monday Gratitude list! I gotta be honest, I'm impressed I got around to it!

- an unexpected Christmas box from a sweet friend in Germany
- a nice, long visit with a friend
- the grace to deal with a disobedient toddler in a loving way
- a washing machine and dryer
- phone calls with various family members
- a good nap
- babies that go to bed easily
- getting a Christmas tree put up this weekend

Monday Gratitude

A friend posted on her blog her thankful list, which was inspired by another blogger, who writes Monday Gratitude posts. I thought this was a great idea! So in hopes of blogging more regular, I'll try to post Monday Gratitude posts.

Here is mine:

1. a holiday today!

2. an extra day with hubby besides just a weekend, where he was gone lots of it anyways

3. a baby girl, who is four months old today, who is happy, healthy (just a little under the weather right now) and so sweet!

4. my sweet, happy, easy-going two year old

5. our new home!

I was hoping to write more, but the day flew by ... hopefully, I'll have more time soon! :)