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8. Monday Gratitude

We had a busy week last week. Well busy in the sense that we were busy with each other {and being sick again!}, but not busy in the sense that we got out and did a lot. Last week, potty training was on the plan! And so we did. Z did great. I am so proud of her. We are still learning and figuring everything out, but so far there have been very few accidents. We even went to two birthday parties and church! {ahem, and one included a small accident} It's not as difficult as I was picturing it to be. It just still makes me a bit nervous, but we'll get there! :)
Oh, yes and then we got sick. Again. We just can't seem to stay well this winter. Oh well. This too shall pass.
Real quick, because once again it's late and I need to get to bed! But I do want to take time to jot down some things I am thankful here we go:
- an almost potty-trained toddler or should I say for the most part potty trained ... not sure how to label her right now! :) 
- beautiful, glorious suns…