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1) no stomach problems all day!2) meeting up with a lady from my church in Germany who will be moving to Vienna in a few months 3) amazing pasta lunch made by our secretary! 4) Starbucks run at night 5) great talk and laughs with Whit


feeling calm and patient during one of my crazier classes this morning!a short chat with my Grandaddygetting some laundry done!a night alone at home spent with reading and relaxinggoing to bed early


* potato salad for lunch* laughs with teachers in the hallways
* riding my bike to the park to meet up with a girl from church * sitting in the park and talking * hearing someone's testimony online

203 and 204

Sorry for not blogging yesterday ... I got home late and wasn't feeling good and completely forgot about blogging! So sorry!! Here are yesterday's GST:- baked oatmeal - starbucks coffee - chilling w/ Sharon and Melissa and watching movies - skyping with Joanna - bed time at night, esp. after not feeling super in the evening....
Sunday's GST: - being able to relax and sleep this morning since I still did not feel really good - bubble bath - feeling well enough to go to a good friend's baptism - McDonald's w/ Sharon and Felix - multivitamin juice


getting my visa with these lovely ladies!!!!!
watching and hearing Primary hear their number song and days of the week with a little dance for each :) sooo cute
having one of the sixth graders tell me in passing in the stairwell that I am pretty
picking up Sharon from the train station!
having this view while sitting and reading for a bit this evening


- double date at a new restaurant - - being able to call my mom and wish her a happy birthday - - semi short meetings after school - - chats about life experiences - - i love my co-workers! :) -

The Two Hundredth Entry of Grace in Small Things

I can't believe today is the 200th day ... crazy how fast time has flown.
Hope you enjoy the picture GST w/ comments :)
I walked into Amanda's room and she had this waiting for me! This is my favorite bfast from the "Mann" bakery - it's called a Schokotörtchen (soooo good!).
Later on, I saw Petra and she said she had something for me and she presented me with this, because I am her Sunshine (so she said). Made me smile :)
Felix helped me be safe tonight with this new appliance for my bike (front and back, just didn't take a picture of the back one).
AND, I can now politely and sweetly ding for pedestrians to get out of the way! :)
This made me feel very happy and loved - snail mail does that to me!


sniffling while teaching Primary and having one of the kids hop up and get me one of his tissues!
being able to leave school early so that I could rest and feel better.
snoozing in bed and feeling so much better afterwards.
catching up with Laura and hearing Julienne make sweet noises in the background - Laura asked her what a lion says and she did this super cute roar! :) wish i could have seen her expression while doing it though!
finding pita pockets and eating one for dinner!!


...good Monday with the kids...going to the movies w/ the girls ...Wien at night ...homemade Asian food for dinner ...putting together a shirt combo that I really liked ;)


- finally being able to sleep for at least a little bit, it was a rough night with a mosquito buzzing around my ear and taking several bites on my face, even my lip! OUCH! not cool!- beautiful weather to walk around Salzburg, it was even hot! - seeing Salzburg and enjoying something different this weekend - super huge and yummy pretzel :) - good conversations on the car ride home


being able to actually drive a car in Austria on my way to Salzburghearing good speakers at a conference for young peoplehaving a wrap at Mikey Dee's for lunch - those of you that know me well, know I LOVE wraps (right, Leanna?)good lengthy talk with a younger girl from my Saturday night Bible Studyeating in a cafe with Felix at night


good Back to School Night, a chance to meet parentsDöner Kebab with MelMacan unexpected hour with Felix tonightit's FRIDAY!polka dots - they make me happy :)


fun talks with friends at school - I'm so thankful for my working environment!
coloring with Reesa :)
good 2nd grade lesson
getting motivated to run and having a good run
chatting with my brother online


*getting woken up by a phone call after forgetting to set my alarm!**potluck lunch w/ elementary teachers* *Starbucks with a friend* *watching I Love Lucy* *leftovers for dinner*


...hour long talk with Laura and a short talk with Leanna...
...finally getting in touch with a dear friend, whose sister died several days ago...
...time to myself tonight...
...driving to the store with Petra...
...playing games with 2nd grade...


- a good Monday in school- getting comments about my outfit - new recipe - evening with Felix, including a lesson in waltzing - the sound of rain, rain, rain - I love this sound!


1) a beautiful memorial service for little Ben Luca - there were so many unsaved people there!2) time with the Bible study girls 3) getting my newsletter out 4) talking with my Grandaddy 5) asian noodles


a day of "retreating" with VCS staff
a great conversation with a walk
apple tea
hearing that God can make a masterpiece out of our messes in life
a phone conversation at night w/ someone special after not being able to see him all day on our 3rd month of togetherness ;)

Day 186 of Grace in Small Things

chili with friendswatching a video clip of an interview from the two couples whose children were shot two weeks ago - I'm so thankful for internet and being able to keep up with things back in VAfarewell lunch with teachers and kidshearing little voices say, "Goodbye, Miss Kidd." as I did door duty after schoolfriends that love me and that tell me so (thanks, Joanna!)


the testimony of a family who lost their 1-year-old son today from drowning and how God is carrying them through this sadnessprayer time with my church here in Vienna for this familyhaving hope that conquers deaththe gift of lifesupport from my friends here to face yet another tragedy


* a relaxing morning of being able to do anything i wanted to do *
* going for a run and being able to run the entire time! that's like a first! *
* grilling with friends for a goodbye party (sad!) *
* a night with Austrian friends *
* beautiful full moon *


- hot chocolate on a cooler morning - good classes with the kiddos - receiving a Korean traditional gift for being a teacher! - talking with my cousin, Luke - these for dinner: Here are some more pictures from my day a 1st grader did this and I thought it was so interesting how he used the I for his words!
my Primary munchkins
one of my 4th graders and I have the same shoes! :) now the question is - which ones are mine?


hearing and smelling the amazing downpour - i love rain like this
finding a quick meal to make for my roomie and me and then having an unplanned evening together
chapel time with the kiddos (great songs, MelMac!)
semi-short meetings after school
briefly getting to see Felix


good night's rest and interesting dreamsfree and really good lunch at schoolsinging with the Worship team after schoola time of thanksgiving this morning during staff devosnight with the girls


.....reading about how God is working through tragedy ....being able to call family ...poppyseed chicken..time with Petra after both our classes with finished .roommate night