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Einen Gruss vom Knusperhäuschen

Tonight I was invited to a couple from church's Gartenhäuschen or as the man called it Knusperhäuschen (garden house).  People in cities do not have yards, so usually in the outskirts of the city there are little plots where gardens can be rented or bought.  On this tiny little plot of land, there is usually a very small house.  This couple from church told me about theirs a while ago and how they wanted to have me over.  So this past Sunday, we finally set up a date and it was for tonight!  It was so nice to be in the suburbs of Vienna and to see quiet and real-life neighborhoods that are just skyscrapers!  I miss that ... anyways.  It was great to get to know them better and walk around where they lived.  We walked around the Wiener Wald (Vienna Woods) and even went into the Lainzer Tiergarten.  It's a huge wildlife preserve and you can just walk around enjoy the woods and see what animals there are outthere.  It was soo cool - we were walking and then we saw this little guy.  It was so neat to watch him work!  We got fairly close, too!!  He was flinging wood chips around - it was so funny to watch! lol  Once we made it up to the top, there was a great view of Vienna ... wish I had my camera.  The King and Queen of Japan have even climbed up there (there's a monument documenting this event!).  It was so cute at the end of the evening the lady asked me if she could cut A FLOWER for me to take.  I was like sure!  She comes out with this:

Lol ... she came over and gave it to me, I was like OH wow!  HUGE!!  So we have a lot of green in our appartment now! lol :)  The man said the flowers were a "Gruss vom Knusperhäuschen" (a greeting from the garden house). 

Today, we had our Mother Tea, where the moms from our students come and each class does a special presentation for a show for the moms.  We had tables with drinks and pastries set up for them.  It was fun to have so many moms there and to see the kids do their little program.  This changed up the whole school day - which was nice :)  I was so worn out though afterwards and my head was killing ... I was so thankful when two teachers canceled the extra ELL classes in the afternoon and I was able to leave early ... but one of my favorites part of today was when I was in third grade and listening to their Bible verse (Ephesians 6:13-14).  Frank comes over to me and says his Bible verse, then he gets to very end and goes ".... and the bracelet of righteousness..."  lol - so in case you don't have the breastplate lying around your home, a bracelet will also work when putting on the armor of God! LOL, so cute!  


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