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the little things

My day is filled with doing little things...

wiping noses
changing diapers
fixing hair
brushing teeth
doing dishes
straightening up books and toys that land everywhere
tying shoelaces
doing load upon load of laundry
folding said laundry
putting on hats
making sandwiches 
putting littles down for a nap
and on 
and on
and on.

Sometimes I get tired of the mundane.

I get tired of life right now being so .... regular ... every day seems so the same. I was talking to my sister the other day about it and I said, I wouldn't want to change it, but yet sometimes the mundane gets to me. I get restless. I feel like the hamster running round and round the wheel and it's always the same. {just different friends and playdates}

Today over breakfast while feeding the baby, I listened to a podcast {ahem, part of one}. And this really got to me:

Love well in the little things. With great love
Which is part of a very big thing - raising a family!

If I love well in the little things, I help my children become better human beings that can change their worlds later on! Raising a family is not a little thing, even if it does include so many little things right now. In the midst of the mundane, the little things, I am bringing up two sweet little girls (maybe more one day) that can one day do amazing things! What a privilege and honor that is! How dare I get bored with the little things. How dare I not do those little things well!

And so I continue with the little things. I continue to work on loving well. Being patient. Being gentle. Not always easy. Way too many times, I loose my cool and my precious little babies experience a selfish, tired, impatient mama.

How grateful I am that they are quick to forgive and love no matter what. It's been such a great reminder to me of how our Father is quick to forgive and loves us unconditionally! AND I've been reminded over and over again how great God's grace is! His grace that stops me from being even worse of a mom. His grace that allows me to be gentle, despite two whiny voices demanding I take care of them each right now. His grace that holds back harsh words that want to come out of my mouth and rebuke my sweet little toddler that just wants to help and be a part of what's going on. Thank you, LORD, for your grace! It amazes me!


  1. I love you and this and you again. Thanks for being so honest and pointing me right back to Jesus.

  2. A good reminder to refocus! It's a constant battle to renew our minds with the truth. God is good!


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