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Way overdue post

Wow, so it's been forever again! My deepest apologizes. You could say we've been...busy baby, working on the house, getting used to life with two, etc. You know how life is.

So let me catch you up on our life!

My due date came and went and there was no sign of baby (no surprise there!). I had check-ups all week long and at the last check-up on Friday, August 8th, the midwife said, you'll be back tonight and you'll have this baby. I thought, "Ha! That'd be nice. I don't believe it, but we'll see." I wasn't feeling anything! I drove home and sure enough almost as soon as I got home contractions started. They started coming pretty close together pretty quickly. I called Felix several times - at first just saying, things are starting, then, maybe you should start coming home, and then finally, hey, you need to get home NOW and then, where are you now?!! :) I was kinda nervous, because the contractions were not very far apart and I had no idea what the normal procedure was with going to the hospital and all, since my first baby was induced. It was quite the new experience for us...going to the hospital with contractions and experiencing the whole thing not being planned! :)

Our precious baby girl, Alya Evelyn, was born about four hours after getting to the hospital (we didn't need to hurry to the hospital quite as much as we did). We are so thankful for another healthy baby girl and another safe delivery, with even less complications than with the first. Recovery has been much quicker with baby #2, which I am also extremely thankful for!

We were able to go home Monday after she was born. So we just spent the weekend in the hospital and then came home to my waiting parents and the big sister!

 Zoey has been a GREAT big sister. She gives kisses, sticks in the paci, brings diapers/wipes/the works. There have been no signs of jealousy, just a little too rough loving going on. :)
The transition from one child to two has been quite the transition for me. I've seen some ugly, sinful sides of me, which I am not proud of. However, I've experienced a very forgiving two-year-old and an even more forgiving Heavenly Father. As my sister told me, it's a good reminder of how weak and sinful we are and how great our need for the Lord and forgiveness, grace and mercy is!

Even with this revelation, we still have rough moments/days. But I'm clinging to the verse in James that talks about being slow to anger, and quick to listen.

The other big thing happening in our lives right now is of course our house! It's moving quite along. Felix continues to be such a hard worker. He's done electric stuff, painted, worked on the outside entrance, and the list goes on and on. I've been home with babies and he's been working long hours at the house. I'm thankful for all that he is doing for us. It does make for long days though, but this too shall pass and we'll have a beautiful home!

Here's a little preview: 
the almost finished bathroom!

our hallway to the front door


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